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Kill the Creativity Killers #ThrowbackThursday

It’s #ThrowbackThursday, and we’re looking back to a post from 2009. How do you spark your creative process when you’re stumped? The creativity killers have invaded The creativity killers have invaded, and I’m stumped on how to spark my creativity. I’m at an odd place in my writing – too close to the end of…

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Kickstart Your Muse #TT

#Throwback Thursday This post originally appeared October 25, 2009. None of the advice to kickstart your muse has lost its relevance. . . I’m back from a weekend writing retreat and feeling recharged. It’s one thing to say “If I just had a chunk of time. . .” and actually sitting down and writing. I…

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A Writing Prompt from the Past

A writing prompt using the way-back machine Do you use a writing prompt when you get a big case of writer’s block or to spark your writing? Here’s one from 2005, when the Grand Rapids Region Writers Group first started and lacked a speaker for their meeting. The dead make good neighbors; I mean, they…

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