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cool links 9-8-18

Cool Links 9-8-18

Cool links 9-8-18 edition looks at overue library books, odd things spillled on the road, paranormal travel destinations, and the Wizard of Oz.

Oops, forgot about that

There are two reasons I hesitate going to the library:

  1. I’ll bring home a mountain of books, my writing will grind to a halt, and I’ll spend the next three weeks reading. Not a bad concept, but I have to get my writing done.
  2. Despite email reminders, I’m afraid I’ll misplace a book and not return it.

One borrower could have used a friendly reminder. Fifty years after checking out a book from the Lexington Public Library, an anonymous borrower returned it by mail.

cool links 9-8-18 edition

Overdue fines capped at $6.75, a fact that, if the borrower knew, might have factored into an earlier return. He probably imagined a higher fee. Or maybe the book was misplaced.

You can read the story here.

What’s the latest you’ve returned an overdue book?

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