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Give Harrison Ford (no, not that one) to Mom for Mother’s Day

Harrison Ford (not that one) likes his boring life. Then a fairy godmother bursts into his life, claiming he's her last assignment before she graduates.Harrison Ford (no, not that one) likes his ordinary, life. With the notoriety of his name and the responsibility of his family after his father’s death, he plays everything safe. From a boring career as an insurance actuary to a cookie-cutter Chicago suburb home, he’s as vanilla as generic ice cream. A failed marriage is his only deviation from normal.

Then Georgia, an opinionated fairy godmother with unreliable powers, installs herself in his house, claiming to grant him one wish – which she decides is a new wife. When his mother takes exception to his guest and his runaway teenage daughter lands on his doorstep, normal turns to chaos.

Georgia Rhodes has always fought for her place in her family, including following her sisters to Fairy Godmother University. She has one simple assignment to fulfill before graduating, but instead of watching over a newborn, she’s given someone more complex—a full-grown mortal man. Make his wish come true or don’t graduate, her instructor warns. It’s not easy. Deliberately left without her wand, and as a woman used to fun more than studying, Georgia must use her brains and her discovery of the internet to find Harry a wife. But her magic is on the fritz, especially when she thinks about him with another woman. In the meantime, she fights her attraction to him, knowing a cross species relationship rarely works.

The Apprentice Fairy Godmother 2.0

The Apprentice Fairy Godmother was the second book I published. I’ve written it twice. Harrison changed very little, but his first opponent was another woman. The fairy godmother in the story played a secondary role. It wasn’t until I had finished the book that I realized I’d cast the wrong woman to tangle with Harrison. With a great deal of re-writing, I transformed the book into its current form.

If you’d like to read an excerpt, go here.

Gift a copy to your mom, grandmother, adopted mother, or the woman who kissed your boo-boos and stood by your side. What could make a better present for a mother than a fairy godmother? (Plus, you know, Harrison Ford)

(no, not that one)

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Snow White and the Eighth Dwarf, an adult fairy tale recreation

Book Excerpt from Snow White and the Eighth Dwarf

Snow White and the Eighth Dwarf releases on Saturday, March 25th. Go here to pre-order from Amazon (available as an e-book and paperback), and here to pre-order from Smashwords (ibook, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and a bunch more). Until then, please enjoy this book excerpt:

Snow White and the Eighth Dwarf, an adult fairy tale recreation, book excerpt

Snow White and the Eighth Dwarf, Available March 25, 2017

Snow White and the Eight Dwarf:

LEX SANDS SWUNG AN AX with force and decapitated his victim. Blood spurted, and steam rose as it met the frozen winter air.

Such a savage beast I am. The Queen should be honored to have me in her army.

He looped twine around his victim’s feet and hoisted the body from a barn beam to let it bleed out.

A familiar tightness gripped his chest. He fell back against a wall, gasping, his lungs constricted at the slight exertion. Black and white dots speckled his vision.

Oh, so savage. I can’t even breathe on my own. How can I be a warrior for the Queen?

His illusions of grandeur evaporated as he fought the pain. By the time he’d regained control of his breathing, reality crashed around him. The victim he’d killed swung from the beam, its feathers still wet from when he’d chased it around the hen house. He’d fought the battle only in his mind, and the Queen would laugh if she knew of his folly.

Another boring day in the life of Lex the dwarf. Except he wasn’t a dwarf. The Dredge family had fostered him for almost twenty-one years. Though he towered over them, they still treated him as a baby. His stupid, weak lungs blocked working in the damp gold mines and shadowed his place in the family.

His lungs still tight, Lex finished his routine chores, collected the chicken carcass, and trudged toward the cottage. He might not have won on the battlefield, but he’d proven victorious in the barnyard.

While he’d been inside the barn, the winter storm had intensified. The wind howled in the surrounding trees, and sunlight paled to a dim star. As he climbed the cottage steps, he noticed footprints, too small to belong to a dwarf, on the snow-blown porch floor.

The hair on the back of his neck rose. Continue reading Book Excerpt of Snow White and the Eighth Dwarf

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Writing A Sci-Fi short story romance

I’ve been wanting to write a short story for some time.  This is a new endeavour, I’m used to pumping out 100K words.  Tackling 3-5K was daunting.  How would I express my H/h ‘s goals, motivations, and conflicts?  How would I create their character arcs?  I kept the concept in the back of my mind, but I didn’t know how or where to start.

A Sci-Fi short story romance

Be careful what you wish for


Until I saw this cover at  Continue reading Mr. Right, Mr. Wrong, Mr. Alien : A Sci-Fi short story romance

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