What is your book nyet factor?

Throwback Thursday

It’s #ThrowbackThursday, and I’ve picked a blog post that originally ran on Sept. 1, 2009. I talk about a book’s nyet factor, or say No to bad books. Life is too short to waste it reading bad books.

What is your book nyet factor?

What is your book nyet factor?

What is your book nyet factor? How long do you read into a book before deciding to give up on it? Click To Tweet

Or do you suffer all the way to the end? Don’t laugh—if Amazon reviews are any indication, there are tons of reviewers who force themselves to read those terrible books they give 0-1 stars to.

I ask because I recently picked up a new book at the library, a novel I’ve heard good things about. I’m barely 40 pages into it, and wonder at the wisdom of plunging in any further. Maybe I’m put off by the daunting size – almost 800 pages. Or maybe the Hero’s Journey style of storywriting strikes a chord with me.  This book has no gripping hook or invitation to the other world, and I haven’t related to the myriad characters introduced so far.

I once read you should use the following formula in determining how many pages you should read before giving up : 100 minus your age. I think that’s about right. There are too many good books out there that are more worthy of my time. Goodness knows, I have lists and lists of them, not to mention my TBR pile (currently outweighed by my discard pile.)

What is your book nyet factor?

***2017 Cheryl returning. I hope you’ve enjoyed the flight in the wayback machine to 2009. Have you thrown a book against the wall because it’s so bad? Driven a steak knife through it? (Don’t laugh, I have a friend who boast about stabbing a book). Do you worry the book you’re writing will earn the nyet award? Post your comments below and share your story (or stories)  of reading bad books.



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