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Linear Writing #ThrowbackThursday

Linear writing doesn’t always mean linear plotting. In the debate of pantser vs. plotter, on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being I’ll figure this out later and 10 equaling a hundred page outline), I’d put myself at about an 8. Continue reading

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The Opening Hook of Your Book #ThrowbackThursday

The opening of a story begins when a change takes place. The reader doesn’t care at this point about the main character’s background; he wants to know what happens next. Continue reading

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Stop Plotting Paralysis, Use a Central Premise

Stop Plotting Paralysis, Use A Central Premise SEVERAL PLOTTING METHODS are based on a structure that takes one concept and builds on it, expanding and splitting until a workable outline is achieved. By breaking the plot into small steps, the overwhelming process of plotting an entire novel is avoided. These methods are based on a…

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