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BoardBooster, A Social Media Scheduling Tool #ThrowbackThursday

***BoardBooster ceased operations on 6-25-18*** Today’s #ThrowbackThursday blog We’re in the wayback machine again, traveling to April, 2017 to revisit BoardBooster, a social media scheduling tool. BoardBooster is an efficient tool used with Pinterest.   Social media is overwhelming for an author The best heads recommend choosing two or three social media outlets to connect with…

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Pinterest Anniversary

Pinterest anniversary and report card Today is my Pinterest anniversary. Not the day I signed up. That’s lost to history. Instead, today marks the anniversary of my last day of Summer Tannhauser’s Pinterest Power FREE 5 Day course. On this day one year ago, I had a whopping 73 Pinterest followers. On April 15, 2017,…

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“P” is for Pinterest, AtoZChallenge

In today’s AtoZChallenge, “P” is for Pinterest Pinterest is one of the most effective but overlooked social media tools for writers and other artists.  It’s not all pretty images for bored housewives and soon-to-be-brides. I’ve used Pinterest for years, back when you had to email an application and wait for approval. I didn’t get serious…

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