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“O” is for Outline in the AtoZChallenge

“O” is for outline in today’s AtoZChallenge As I did for the “J” is for Hero’s Journey post, I’m borrowing content for today’s subject of how to outline a book from The Plot Thickens:21 Ways to Plot Your Novel, a book I and a writing partner published about plotting. I’ll dip into it’s pages on…

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AtoZChallenge, the letter J is for Hero’s Journey

For today’s AtoZChallenge, the letter J is for The Hero’s Journey. Yes, I know. The Hero’s Journey starts with an “H”, not a “J”, but I’m taking a little creative license. Can you think of a “J” related writing tip? Didn’t think so. I’m also saving myself some time, as I and my writing partner…

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The Plot Thickens Outlining

This is an excerpt from “The Plot Thickens:21 Ways to Plot Your Novel“, written by me and my wildly creative partner, Jack Monroe. Love It or Hate It, It’s Time to OutlineIt’s time to outline your story.  I’m a big fan of outlining; it helps me stay organized and focused, and keeps me drifting off…

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