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Write your book! Fail often, fail fast, fail forward

Write your book! Fail often, fail fast, fail forward. Write your book. Come on, do it. Stop saying, “one day I’ll write a book”. In fact, stop saying, “one day”.  Stop being afraid. Are you afraid of failure? What’s the worst that could happen? You fail. You’ve never done that before? What’s the best that…

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Kukaniloko Birth Stones – “To Anchor the Cry From Within”

Kukaniloko Birth Stones Last week, Luke and I visited another “spot on the map”, Kukaniloko, the sacred birth stones of Oahu.  We’ve since found out many locals have not visited this spot although it is one of the most sacred places in Hawaii. For over 800 years, the ancient royals gave birth on the stones,…

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Road to Hawaii T Minus 10 days – Life without a bed

Ode to the bed sold and now enjoyed by strangers because we’re moving to Hawaii: You were the best part of the day.   by

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