No Trespassers Allowed. #AtoZChallenge. Supernatural tales.

#AtoZChallenge April 16, 2018. No Trespassers Allowed

No Trespassers Allowed. #AtoZChallenge. Supernatural tales. Resident Norm Holloway’s anger at a local trespasser crosses the line in today’s supernatural story, No Trespassers Allowed.



26 posts. 26 days. And 26 letters of the alphabet, one post beginning with each letter, in April.

Follow me as we visit the not-quite-normal retirement village of Twilight, Arizona, where reality clashes with the unexplained.

No Trespassers Allowed

Norm Holloway slammed his hand against a metal fence post. The impact reverberated down the chain link surrounding Twilight Lake.

“Damn trespassers,” he growled, watching the stranger, holding aloft a string of rainbow trout, walk to his SUV.

“There’s not much you can do, Normie,” said his fishing buddy, Pete Blanchard, as he removed his bait and tackle from his truck bed.

“This is our lake, stocked with our fish, for our use.” Norm stared daggers at the SUV as it backed out of its parking spot and spun onto Eagle Way Blvd.

He noted the Arizona plates and license number, FISH4ME. Hmph. The asshole not only trespassed onto a private lake, he boasted about it as well.

“You got a solution?” Pete waited for him while they collected their gear then they set out for their favorite spot.

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