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ProWritingAid, A Writer’s Best Editing Friend

ProWritingAid is an essential editing tool After a month (or two, or three) of writing non-fiction, I’m back at work writing fiction. One of the essential tools I use is ProWriting Aid. I touched on its features briefly in my “R” is for Revising Your Rough Draft blog. I’d like to explain more of why…

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Zeroable, The “Z” in the AtoZChallenge

Zeroable, The “Z” in the AtoZChallenge Ta da! Here we are, 30 days and 26 posts into the AtoZChallenge, and boy, are my arms tired. Or my fingers. Maybe my brain. I’ve never written so many blogs in a row, but the effort was worth it! I’ve read so many blogs from a wide variety…

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“R” is for Revise your Rough Draft—#AtoZChallenge

For today’s AtoZChallenge, the letter “R” will show you how to revise your rough draft. (This post is a revised {a pun!} copy of an earlier blog . I am recycling it for today’s AtoZChallenge. The information is as relevant. I will show you 7+ tips to revise your rough draft and take your book…

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