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Writing a book blurb is very difficult if not impossible for writers.

The pain of writing a book blurb

Writing a book blurb or description for book distribution sites such as Amazon, ibook, Kobo, etc. is a painful process for writers. You might as well ask us to stop writing. The process of distilling our 80K, 90K, 100K+ book into 100-150 words is impossible. Writing a book blurb is a thousand times harder than writing a synopsis because a) it’s shorter b) it’s on public display forever.

Writing a book blurb is very difficult if not impossible for writers.

The easy way to write a book blurb

Like all writers (or all that I know), I’m on a continual hunt to find the easiest, fastest, less brain disrupting way to do any writing related task. Including writing a book blurb. So, I did a little research (Pinterest is my go-to search engine now). The best book I’ve found so far on writing an effective book blurb is Libbie Hawker’s Gotta Read It! 

Gotta Read It outlines 5 steps to take in writing a perfect book blurb

For an easily affordable 99 cents, you’ll learn the five steps to a perfect pitch:

  1. A character who
  2. Wants something, but
  3. someone or something stands in her way, so she
  4. struggles against that force and
  5. something important is at stake

Ms. Hawker goes into more detail, including why you shouldn’t write the blurb as a mini-synopsis; what not to write; what elements you need to flesh out your basic blurb; and how to write a book blurb with more than one protagonist, including romances.

My early attempts at writing a book blurb for my upcoming release, Red Riding Hood and the Lone Wolfe

Red Riding Hood and the Lone Wolfe

(New attempts are separated by *****)

Rosewyn loved her family, but love wasn’t enough to give her brothers and grandmother a better live.


As village baker on the edge of the Enchanted Forest, Roseweyn struggled to keep her family afloat.


For Rosewyn, baking for the village on the edge of the Enchanted Forest isn’t enough to give for her brothers and grandmother a better life. So far, her ambition and what little magic she possesses means they barely scrape by.

When the newly crowned King lands at her feet, she sees a clear path ahead. What could be more simple than seducing a King with her charms and a little magic?

Living with the deceit he won’t understand, Rosewyn must face the reality of her decisions. Has she jeopardized their relationship? Is her magic strong enough to stop his change? Or do mysterious forces in the Enchanted Forest control them both?

Final copy

I spent a couple of hours arriving at this, and I bent a rule, but this is what will appear on Amazon, etc

In the second book in The Enchanted Series, Cheryl Sterling once again follows a commoner in pursuit of a better future and a royal fighting for his place.

Rosewyn lives a precarious existence as village baker on the edge of the Enchanted Forest. Any setback—an illness, a fire—threatens her ability to care for her Grandmother. After both strike, her desperation climbs. When the handsome, newly crowned King lands at her feet, she sees a clear path ahead. Using charm and a little magic, she inflames his desire.

Oliver Wolfe has lived with the secret of his werewolf blood for years. When he returns home from the exile his father imposed, he seizes the opportunity to restore the neglected realm and make a difference. While sweet Rosie eases his nights, a missing treasury and his subjects’ unrest hamper his plans. Then his right to the throne is challenged. With his future dependent on an unreliable witness, and his trial set the night of a full moon, can he trust Rosewyn with his secret?

With the fate of the man she loves weighing on her, Rosewyn must test the limits of the power buried within her. Is it strong enough to break his ancient curse, or will she lose everything?

Red Riding Hood and the Lone Wolfe is an adult fantasy loosely based on enchanting fairy tales. Strong heroines and sexy heroes battle outside forces that threaten their love story.

Tell me what you think in the comments.

p.s. Stay tuned in the next day or two to receive news of the official launch of Red Riding Hood and the Lone Wolfe and a special offer.




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Snow White and the Eighth Dwarf, an adult fairy tale recreation

Now Available for Pre-Order:

Snow White and the Eighth Dwarf



I am proud to announce the publication of my thirteenth (13th) book, the first in the Enchanted series: Snow White and the Eighth Dwarf.

Snow White and the Eighth Dwarf, an adult fantasy romance, is now available for pre-order at Amazon and Smashwords. Available for purchase now, with delivery on March 25, 2017.

Marked for death by her stepmother’s manic jealousy, Princess Snow White of Enchanted narrowly escapes the huntsman’s ax. Plunged into a treacherous blizzard, she stumbles across a cottage deep in the forest. But the owners, seven dwarfs and their adopted (and cute) human brother, cannot offer Snow refuge for long.
Snow, who’s never done anything more arduous than princessing, must brave grueling weather, cross two kingdoms, and reach her only living relative ahead of the Evil Queen’s army. If Snow fails, she loses more than her throne . . .
Lex Sands, always out of place within his family, has his world turned upside down when a woman with skin as white as snow and hair as black as coal—and a curve or two—breaks into his house. Suddenly, he’s responsible for her safety. With nature against them and time running out, can he prove his worth to his family, and, more importantly, to Snow White?

Playing “What if?” leads to a novel

Snow White and the Eighth Dwarf was born from a writer’s favorite game—”what if?” What if there had been an eighth dwarf? If he was human, would the story change? What were his roots? How is he different (besides the obvious) in his family dynamics? And how does that shape him as a man and potential lover to Snow White?

How is Snow White different than any other version? Can she change throughout the story?

How is the Evil Queen not so evil? To tell the truth, I had a lot of fun writing Sabine. Villains are so complex, and she has more than her share of complexities.

Other characters who were fun to write were Ethyl and Azalea, twin sisters who are witches and who were enslaved by the Evil Queen as Mirror, Mirror. They have an interesting tale, which will be woven throughout the planned five books of the Enchanted series. They are my non-narrators, the common denominator in the series. I love their devotion to each other and their sense of humor.

The second book in the series, Red Riding Hood and the Very Bad Wolfe will be released in August. It was written in 2016’s NaNoWriMo, but the first draft is a bag of hot mess. I’d best get to the editing desk!

I hope you enjoy Snow White and the Eighth Dwarf. Please leave a review if you did (or didn’t).


Cheryl Sterling






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