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Schnoztopia Characters

What do the Schnoztopia characters look like? I bet you’re wondering what the Schnoztopia characters look like. Other than Rory Harper, our part-elf, part-human, part-troll, part-vampire, and part anything else hero. We all know he has a striking nose. After all, he makes his living by identifying smells for Myth, Inc., the largest employer and governing…

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Advertise Your Books For Free #AuthorToolBoxBlogHop

Advertise your books for free   I’ve posted this information before, but with the release of Schnoztopia, a new series, in two weeks, I’m re-running this post. If anyone needs to know how to advertise your books for free, it’s me. (Read the first three chapters of Schnoztopia for free here). If you, like me, rely on Facebook…

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Pinterest Marketing #ThrowbackThursday

It’s #ThrowbackThursday We’re in the wayback machine, traveling to April, 2017 to investigate the benefits of Pinterest marketing. Come join us. Pinterest marketing is one of the most effective but overlooked social media tools for writers and other artists.  It’s not all pretty images for bored housewives and soon-to-be-brides. I’ve used Pinterest for years, back…

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