Pinterest Anniversary

Pinterest anniversary and report card

Today is my Pinterest anniversary. Not the day I signed up. That’s lost to history. Instead, today marks the anniversary of my last day of Summer Tannhauser’s Pinterest Power FREE 5 Day course.

On this day one year ago, I had a whopping 73 Pinterest followers. On April 15, 2017, when I wrote a Pinterest post as part of the AtoZ Challenge, the count had increased to 1,241. Today, on my Pinterest anniversary, I have 2,227 Pinterest followers.

I’ve detailed what I learned on my April post, but I’d like to look back at my original notes and gauge my progress. Did what I learned translate into what I did?

In celebrating my Pinterest anniversary, I look at the steps I've made to increase my Pinterest followers.

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Course Day 1

Course Day 2

  • Do a complete analysis and overhaul of my Boards
    • Done. I had existing boards, so this part was easy. I made sure to name each board with SEO and Keywords as part of my strategy. Grade: A
  • Board names to be relevant on on point
    • I’ve since split a couple of boards as they’re unwieldy. I’m thinking of splitting a third to make the the topic more relevant. Grade: A

Course Day 3

  • Pin original images at the optimum 735 x 1102 size
    • Not so good on this one. Most of my original images come from this blog. I tend to use square or almost square images using Pixabay as my main image source. Grade: C
    • BTW, I’m getting quite good at adding text to images in Canva.
  • Create a pinnable image for old blog posts.
    • Every Thursday (mostly) I pick an old post, update it with images, and repost it for #Throwback Thursday. Grade: B

Course Day 4

  • Join group boards to gain repins and followers
    • I’ve joined three group boards, but only pin to one of them. Grade: C-.

Course Day 5

  • Pin to 10-15 main boards, 20 pins per day
    • I pin to 11 boards, 27 pins per day. I use BoardBooster to fill the boards so it looks as if I am pinning all day long. Grade: A
  • Spend 30-60 minutes per week on Pinterest
    • I haven’t measured it, but this is within the ballpark. I repin blog posts from blogs I subscribe to, all of my own posts, and recycle more the more popular pins from existing boards. Grade: A

I’ve highlighted one or two of Summer’s strategies per day. More exist, of course. The sign up can be found here.

Side note: At least two of my pins have popped up randomly on my Pinterest feed, evidence that other pinners are repinning from my boards. Woot!

I’m glad I revisited this subject, because I did not follow all of the steps I could have to optimize my Pinterest presence. There’s always room for improvement in your social media strategy.

p.s. I’ve registered for Summer’s next class, to launch an online business. It runs Oct. 1-30th.

p.p.s. Congratulations to Summer on the recent birth of her third child, Miles!



What steps have you made to increase your Pinterest followers? Click To TweetWill you issue yourself a report card on your Pinterest anniversary?

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