The Aloha Road Trip T-Minus 15 Days – Life without television

We’re moving to Hawaii.  Why?  There’s no clear reason except you can’t sit on the sidelines your whole life.

Yesterday’s quote (thank you, Daryl) “You can’t steal second base with one foot on first.”

Life without television

We’ve been without a television since the weekend.  Withdrawal pains are not as bad as I had imagined, especially with four adults cooped up in one room, as we tend to congregate in the living room.  I am starting to worry about everyone’s  addiction to Epic Fail.  I’m overhearing some mighty weird stories.
Of course, I’m above shlock. (the severity of my “America’s Got Talent” loss is staggering).

I miss the drone of the background noise, unusual because the T.V. is almost always off when I’m alone.  But the minute “L” is awake?  Bink! On it goes.  Local news, the Today show, the Nightly News, AC360, CNN, and all things Historical, Biographical or movies we’ve seen before.The man loves him some T.V.

With two laptops and four iPads between us, we’re as informed as we want to be.  I really don’t care to hear the latest Michael Jackson drama (let him R.I.P. for God’s sake).  I’ll look it up on Yahoo news if I need to know more.  For the last year or so, I’ve said, if it doesn’t make it to Yahoo’s front page, it’s not really news.

Will we buy another T.V. once we get settled in Hawaii?  Maybe.  The consensus is no, we’ll be at the beach every spare minute, but reality and holding down multiple jobs might squash that opinion.  If we don’t buy another, there’s always Netflix and my personal favorite, Hulu.

In moving news, pending deliveries include: the sewing machine and a bookcase.  Stainless steel pots and pans went yesterday as well as two milking stools we’ve been using as end tables for the last millennium or so.

Existing furniture: One small dresser, one blue chair, one gravity chair (sold), two barstools (sold).  The air mattresses are one step above sleeping on the floor and two steps below an army cot.  Fifteen days (or less) until we sleep on a real (motel) bed.

We’ve released the mortgage information to the title company so they can pay it off.  Just waiting for a firm closing date (hint – we’d like it to be on the 7th).

It’s too late now to watch last night’s AGT, don’t spoil it for me by letting it be known who’s going to the next round.

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The 2012 Aloha Road Trip T Minus 17 days

For background on the 2012 Aloha Road trip, go here.

After three days of inactivity, we finally sold something –  the box spring and mattress went tonight.  People are coming tomorrow to look at the remaining chairs, stools and pots and pans.  We’re going to be sitting on the floor.   For 17 days.  I’ll either have excellent posture, or I’ll need a back brace.

“A” and “H” made reservations for a place to stay when they arrive in Honolulu on the 10th.  It was a marathon research weekend, with everyone bouncing around between various vacation rental sites.

We purchased two air mattresses (three if you count one for “A” and “H”).  Mine is comfortable, if you don’t mind literally rolling onto the floor every morning,  but every time I move, it sounds like a little kid with corduroy pants.  Swish, swish, swish.  It’s driving “L” nuts.

Writing news – I stopped at Office Depot and printed covers for 1st chapter booklets for “Spell Breaker” (available at Amazon, I’m working on loading it to B&N and Kobo – when I have time).  Tonight, I printed off the 1st chapter.  I need to buy card stock for the back cover (Hmmm, I had some once, but it’s gone in the massive purge.)  Then I can bind them and leave them for the Ready – Set – Write conference. 


While @ Office Depot, I bought a 2013 road atlas to map out the 2012 Aloha Road trip, and picked up some travel books at the library.  It’s this weekend’s project.  Where do we go?  What do we see?

Any sites I should see between here and LA (via Vegas)?

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2012 Aloha Road Trip T Minus 20 Days

More tales from the 2012 Aloha Road Trip adventure.

After several rounds of negotiation in which we gave up all but our first born son (“A”, you’re worth more than a house), the final, final, final addendum/agreement/suicide pact was signed, scanned and emailed back to our realtors, the Wonder Women.  We do not have a closing date, so let’s stick with the 9th for now.

Furniture gone as of tonight: the 2nd TV, the bedroom suite, “A & H’s” mattress set.  Spoken for but not picked up: the TV stand, bookcase and barstools.  Basically, we’re down to one lawn chair and my blue chair, but either or both might be gone by tomorrow.  Our mattress set is gone Monday.

We shopped Target, Walmart, Dunham’s Sporting Goods, Meijer and MC Sporting Goods for air mattresses.  We’ll need them for the next 2.7 weeks and we can ship them to Hawaii for use in our new but empty apartment.  As soon as we find one.  Currently, we ain’t got a home once we get there, and HPD will kick us off the beach after a few days.  At least, they do on “Hawaii-50”.

Tomorrow, “H” and I clean out the kitchen and pantry.  I’m afraid it’s going to be beans, rice and odd side dishes from the cans of food we have left.  Better stock up on paper plates and cups, too.

Our 2012 Aloha Road Trip T shirts are here!  Vistaprint shipped them in 5 days for a nominal fee of $16.00.  The slogan and palm trees are on the front, “Hawaii or Bust” on the back.  Let’s see how long it will be before someone points out that you can’t drive to Hawaii.

Sunday, we work on resumes.  Monday, I start planning the Aloha Road Trip.  Michigan to California.  Any suggestions?

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