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    Ordinary people. Extraordinary romance.

The Road to Hawaii, or how we sold (almost) everything, quit our jobs and moved to Oahu, as told by one family who is experiencing it.

After we returned from Chicago yesterday, where we saw “H” and “A” off for their trip to Vegas/Honolulu, I called Matson Shipping to arrange the shipment of our car.  I picked Wednesday, August 22nd, their regularly scheduled Wednesday departure from Long Beach to Honolulu.  We could drop off the car anytime before then.  Wednesday.  Remember this, it’s important.

Sometime later, I signed onto Hawaiian Airlines and looked at their calendar for the best rates, which turned out to be Monday the 20th and Tuesday the 21st.  I got all excited because the 20th is “H’s” birthday.  What a nice birthday gift if we could arrive at our new home on her birthday.  All caught up in the thought, I reserved two seats at 10:40 a.m.   Monday. Remember, it’s important.

Did I mention that Matson is only open from 8:00-4:00 Monday-Friday?  It took about a half hour for it to sink in.  No way could we drop off the car and make LAX in time.  Sure, it’s only 21 miles away (via Yahoo maps) but what if there’s a delay?  Or traffic?  Or the zombie apocalypse?  (I doubt if we will be attacked, but let’s not stack the odds in their favor).

Major bummer.  <sound of record being scratched>

New plan, which I’m sure has flaws:  Leave here tomorrow (Friday), drive cross country to Long Beach in time to drop off the car next Friday.  Rent a car and bum around somewhere until our flight on Monday morning.  Tentative plans are to zip up to Vegas for the weekend, returning to LA Sunday night.

That’s what happens when you’re in a rush.

On the bright side, the house is clean, everything is boxed, the pantry, refrigerator and freezer are empty (don’t look at the 12 bags of garbage in the garage).  We’ve been to the post office three times in two days and Goodwill three times.  There are 9 boxes yet to be mailed.  We won’t speak of the shipping costs.  Cheaper than buying it there, right?

The only thing I have to do is pack clothes.  We have a box of goodies to eat on the way.  Tonight we go to the laundromat and do one (or two) last loads before last minute running around tomorrow morning.

At last, we’re on the way down the road to Hawaii.  Aloha!

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The Road to Hawaii, or how we sold (almost) everything, quit our jobs and moved to Oahu, as told by one family who is experiencing it.

So, halfway to Chicago to drop off “A” and “H” for their flight to Honolulu via Las Vegas, we received a text from the Wonder Women, our realtors.  Our closing is this Friday at 1:00!  At last.  True, it’s only one day later than what the buyers wished, but it seems as if we’d be stuck here until snow flies (and we don’t want that).

Using the app Hotel Tonight, we reserved a room at the Hilton Double Tree for less than half the normal price.  The app locates rooms available that night only, the hotels trying to fill them up and get some money, at least.  The Hilton DT was a nice place to stay, great hot tub and pool, not much nearby where you can eat.  “A” and “H” left about 7:20 Central  on the shuttle to the airport, breezed through security but had their flight bumped back an hour.  They’re now in Vegas, where we hope to be next weekend.

Moving activities this morning (completed): stop service for internet, electric, gas, newspaper and put mail on hold.

To Do: Contact the shipping company for the car and backdate our flight info and road trip itinerary based on it.  We hope to be in Honolulu by the 21st or 22nd.  Then on to job searching 24/7.  Also to do: clean out the pantry, fridge and freezer, donate non perishables, wash and oil car, haircuts and pack everything.  We’ve decided to mail all of our stuff, probably in the next three days to General Delivery in Aiea, which is midpoint to where “A” and “H” are staying and where we think we’ll finally settle.

I’ll update as I have time, but it’s going to be three days of crazy.

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The Road to Hawaii, or how we sold (almost) everything, quit our jobs and moved to Oahu, as told by one family who is experiencing it.

Today marks a pivotal point on our road to Hawaii.  “H” and “A” are leaving Michigan to start their life in Hawaii.  “L” and I are driving them to Chicago to catch a late night flight.

See, the universe has an odd sense of humor.  Last month, it was all “hey, dudes, here’s an offer that is so ridiculous in price, you’ll reject it.”  Which we did.  Then we made the bold move of telling “A” and “H” to go on without us, it might take months before we’d get another offer (the condo had been for sale for 2-1/2 years without a nibble).  So they made plane reservations.  But Mr. Universe came back the next day.  “Kidding about yesterday.  My mind was screwed with the international date line, or the upcoming Olympics or sunspots.  Here’s another offer.  Take it. Oh, and you won’t have a signing date for awhile.  Man up.”

That’s why they’re leaving today and we’re “cheerfully” seeing them off at the airport.  Of course, in a delayed gratification kind of way, we’re driving cross country and will see America, while they’re just cruising over it.

And no, the giant ball of twine in Cauwker, KS, isn’t on the list of back road sights we’ll see.  Been there, done that, not worth the trip.  Still taking suggestions for Kansas, Missouri and Colorado.


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