The Dreaded Passive Voice #AuthorToolboxBlogHop

The Dreaded Passive Voice

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a low-life snob when it comes to using passive voice in writing. I’m better than that. I know enough not to let the dreaded passive voice into my sentences. When I critique someone else’s work, you can bet I’ve commented on the number of times they used “was”.

Imagine my chagrin/humiliation/embarrassment as I edited one of my own manuscripts and found not just a few instances of the dreaded passive voice, but many, many sentences. Oh, the indignity. Oh, the horror.

What is Passive Voice?

For all the new writers out there (and, apparently, me), a definition of passive voice:

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Cool Links 8-11-2018

Cool Links 8-11-2018

This week’s cool links 8-11-2018 are brought to you by:

  • Trees
  • Books
  • Where to live


Writing in the margins

My mother and daughter always write a dedication whenever gift giving a book. In the case of my mother, it was the date or occasion. My daughter leaves funny quotes or draws an image.

Cool links 8-11-2018

I’m always fascinated when I by a used book and find writing, either on the title page or in the margins. Sometimes, someone will leave a photo or receipt. In the case of the photo, I want to post it on Facebook and have it go viral so I can return Scott’s 1974 prom photo to him. Or Sarah’s toothless seven-year-old camp photo. But I don’t, and always feel a little dirty when I throw away the item.

Here are some interesting notes people have left in found books. Everyone has an opinion.

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Write Like You Diet #ThrowbackThursday

Write Like You Diet

The wayback machine has traveled to 2009 to borrow a post the advises you write like you diet. Here’s this week’s #ThrowbackThursday post.

Writing Advice from a Dieter’s Point of View

Write like you diet

Recently, while surfing the internet, I found some tips for maintaining a healthier lifestyle that could easily be applied to a healthier writing life style. It’s great writing advice from a dieter’s point of view:

  • You can become whatever you envision. Yeah, that’s right. If you think like a best-selling author, you’ll draw more attention and success than if you believe you’ll always fail.
  • Claim your power. You know you have it, or why pursue writing for a career/hobby/something to get away. Empower yourself with your talent and get to work.
  • Set your priorities. Write another scene or blog? Send out a query to an agent or an editor? Research your next work or edit your last scene? Without a clear path, you won’t make progress.
  • Get pushy with yourself. The book won’t write itself. If you think you’ll only have time for one page today, write two. Set your timer for fifteen minutes, turn off your inner editor, and push through, no stops, no looking up stuff, until the timer goes off. Then write another page.
  • Give yourself permission to succeed. Nothing makes me angrier than hearing a fellow writer talk about submitting, then hearing her follow it up with a self depreciating remark. Hey, if you’re going to write, then at least believe you’ll succeed at it. As Yoda said, “There is no try, there is only do.”
  • Give yourself permission to be awesome. Yes. You. You tell it to your kids everyday. Why treat yourself to a lesser attitude?
  • Become part of a circle. Whether it’s a writing group, a critique group or a good friend who’s not afraid to tell you when your story has strayed, find a foundation of support that will help you grow.

These tips were meant to help lose weight, but if they work to make you a better writer, so much the better.

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