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Birth order part 2 #TT only child

Birth Order Part 2 #TT

It’s #ThrowbackThursday, and we’re revisiting a 2/20/12 post about birth order, part 2 of the series. (Birth Order Part 2 #TT)

Part 1 can be read here.

Birth Order Part 2

Last week, we looked at the peculiarities of the first born and middle child. In Birth Order Part 2, we’ll examine the last born, only child and twins. The way they behave can help you in crafting your story’s characters.

Last Born Children

Birth order part 2 #TT. The last born child.

Bess-Hamiti / Pixabay

Last born children fight hard to get noticed. They are often the class clown, the maverick, the life of the party. Their older siblings consider them spoiled.Click To Tweet

Characteristics of the youngest include:

Manipulative Charming Show off People person Casts blame on others
Engaging Good salesperson Precocious Risk taker Outgoing


Careers include “On stage” professions – TV announcers and anchor people, salespeople (because of their ability to manipulate people). They like jobs where they can work alone and do things at their own pace.

Strengths Weaknesses
Outgoing, affectionate, creative, confident, uncomplicated, Spoiled, manipulative, immature, self-centered, impetuous, feel they live in the shadow, rebellious, absentminded


Why? “Taught out” parents let the kid fend for himself.

They are suckers for praise and encouragement. Their attention-seeking antics can be turned around with a “I’ll show them” attitude.

Famous last born children include Howard Stern, Jay Leno, Danny DeVito, Steve Martin.

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In celebrating my Pinterest anniversary, I look at the steps I've made to increase my Pinterest followers.

Pinterest anniversary and report card

Today is my Pinterest anniversary. Not the day I signed up. That’s lost to history. Instead, today marks the anniversary of my last day of Summer Tannhauser’s Pinterest Power FREE 5 Day course.

On this day one year ago, I had a whopping 73 Pinterest followers. On April 15, 2017, when I wrote a Pinterest post as part of the AtoZ Challenge, the count had increased to 1,241. Today, on my Pinterest anniversary, I have 2,227 Pinterest followers.

I’ve detailed what I learned on my April post, but I’d like to look back at my original notes and gauge my progress. Did what I learned translate into what I did?

In celebrating my Pinterest anniversary, I look at the steps I've made to increase my Pinterest followers.

MarcoGonzalez / Pixabay

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What I've learned in writing 200 posts.


I've written 200 posts since I started this blog. Celebrate with me!

ericspaete / Pixabay

I’ve written 200 posts since I started blogging on 6/23/09. That’s 99 months ago, which means I’ve averaged two blogs a month. I’m sure weeks passed with no activity, followed by Tasmanian devil typing.

It’s only fitting that today’s post centers on links with writing advice, as I’ve made it a practice to share all I’ve learned over my eighteen year writing career. I wish as much information was available then as now.

Writing wisdom learned from writing 200 posts

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