• Ordinary people. Extraordinary romance.

    Ordinary people. Extraordinary romance.

cool links 9-8-18

Cool Links 9-8-18

Cool links 9-8-18 edition looks at overue library books, odd things spillled on the road, paranormal travel destinations, and the Wizard of Oz.

Oops, forgot about that

There are two reasons I hesitate going to the library:

  1. I’ll bring home a mountain of books, my writing will grind to a halt, and I’ll spend the next three weeks reading. Not a bad concept, but I have to get my writing done.
  2. Despite email reminders, I’m afraid I’ll misplace a book and not return it.

One borrower could have used a friendly reminder. Fifty years after checking out a book from the Lexington Public Library, an anonymous borrower returned it by mail.

cool links 9-8-18 edition

Overdue fines capped at $6.75, a fact that, if the borrower knew, might have factored into an earlier return. He probably imagined a higher fee. Or maybe the book was misplaced.

You can read the story here.

What’s the latest you’ve returned an overdue book?

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keyboard shortcuts

#ThrowbackThursday Keyboard Shortcuts

I love, love, love keyboard shortcuts. They are the bomb. Or maybe I’m just lazy. No. Efficient. Yeah, I’m uber efficient.
It’s amazing how many people don’t use keyboard shortcuts, even the basics like CNTL+A for chose all. How weird that you wouldn’t want to make your typing easier and faster so you can write more or have time for other things.
Here is a handy-dandy list of keyboard shortcuts. I hope you’ll take advantage of one or two and increase your word count!

keyboard shortcuts

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Book Anniversary 99¢ Sale

August 31, 2018 celebrates the two year book anniversary of The Dearly Departed Dating Service.

To celebrate, I’m running a 99¢ sale until 11:59 Labor Day, September 3rd, 2018.

99¢book anniversary sale

You’re never too dead to fall in love.

Clare Holmes died once. No one bothered to tell her. It worked out well in the end, as the powers-that-be sent her back to Earth. No one bothered to tell her that, either. It might have come in handy when she started seeing dead people, handier yet when they demanded she set up a dating service for them.

Now she has ghosts clambering at her door looking for their soul mates, a million dollar inheritance, and a couple of wacky sisters who are after her pot of gold.

She can handle them.

It’s the handsome lawyer who’s administrating her bequest who keeps her up at night.

To buy the ebook on Amazon, go here.

To buy at Barnes and Noble, Kobo, an ibooks, go here.

Purchase at the Google Play Store, go here.

The Dearly Departed Dating Service is now available in paperback. Go here to purchase.

Enjoy your weekend.



p.s. If you’ve read The Dearly Departed Dating Service, please leave a review where you purchased it. Reviews make our books more visible and are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

3D composite book covers courtesy of software found at http://diybookcovers.com/3Dmockups/#

(So easy! I did it in less than a minute!)

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