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    Ordinary people. Extraordinary romance.

Adding an image to your post or social media updates will increase visibility and engage your customers. Find free images at these sites, listed on www.cherylsterlingbooks.com

Today’s #ThrowbackThursday looks at how important it is to add images to your blog posts

Should you add images to your blog posts?

Adding images to your post or social media updates will increase visibility and engage your customers. Opinions vary, but clicking on an image makes your posts more clickable by 38%-300%. Whatever the figure, we can all use more visibility.

But Cheryl, I can’t afford 3-5 images for each blog post or Tweet. What am I to do?

Add Images to Your Blog Posts. www.cherylsterlingbooks.com

Don’t use an image you did not create or have permission to use.

Don’t use an image you find on Google

As tempting as it is, don’t copy and paste an image you’ve found on Google. Using one you did not create or have permission for will put you in legal deep water. You can be sued. For lots and lots of money. Commercial photographers employ programs that can find their photos online. They’ll send you a letter to cease and desist. Or their lawyer will. Is your Tweet photo worth it? Besides, it’s stealing, not to mention lazy.

Where can I find free images?

Oh, I’m so glad you asked. I have two or three favorites, but I’ve scoured the internet to find a list of sites that provide free images for your use. Please read their guidelines on whether attribution is required or not.

Add Images to Your Blog Posts. Adding an image to your post or social media updates will increase visibility and engage your customers. Find free images at these sites, listed on www.cherylsterlingbooks.com

Quote image made at quozio.com

Any tips?

Of course. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” I couldn’t end this post without a few tips.

  • Use one of the following image making sites to add text to your image:
  • See that text below the image? It’s known as titling (not tilting, as I first read it). Be sure to add a caption to your text. Do not use IMG_0953.JPG or whatever your phone camera assigns to the photo. Search engines (such as Google) want to find your blog and images. They want to rank it and display it on searches. They value your words and images, but not if you hide them.
  • When uploading an image to your blog, have you wondered what ALT Text is? It’s the title or text you’ll find under the image when it’s displayed on social media, such as Pinterest. Doesn’t it make sense to add your blog title, a description and your URL? You are pinning your blog posts, aren’t you?

Nothing will add pizzazz to your blogs more than an image. Use the above tips to find and use them on all your social media platforms.



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Keeping my writing organized is important, and I think I've found a system that works.

My latest attempt at keeping my writing organized.

I have three strikes against me when it comes to keeping my writing organized. Or maybe I have three things going for me.

  1. I’m the oldest of four.

For an in-depth look at how your birth order affects your character, go here for part 1, here for part 2, and here to buy the book I wrote on the subject.

Keeping my writing organized is important. I think I've found a system.

2.I’m a Leo. Per astrology.com, the “Leo-born are natural leaders.” We’re also ambitious and like to get things done.

3 .In Numerology, I’m a “4”, which are the builders. I follow step 1, 2, 3, 4 until I’ve completed the job. (Read my blog post on numerology here).

I have Pinterest boards on organization and time management.

I’m also lucky enough not to work every day, which—loosely translated—means I can write today. Or tomorrow. Or next week. Despite having an accountability partner (the wonderful Tricia Gunberg), I sometimes scramble at the last minute to get my goals completed and to her to review.

Needless to say ( but I’m saying it anyway), I needed a system. I was tired of not remembering tasks, punting, and letting things go because time had run out.

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Produce. Mango jam.

It’s Saturday, which means it’s usually time for cool links, but I’m foregoing them to show you what I’ve been doing this week (hint: not so much writing). It has to do with making mango jam and other good stuff.

Mango jam and other good stuff

I’m inserting myself into today’s post because I made this mango jam, bread and butter pickles and bell pepper relish:

Mango jam

Bread & butter pickles Mango jam Bell pepper relish

Looks delish, right?

I live in Arizona (don’t hate me because the temperature is in the 70’s. Let’s talk this summer when it’s in the 110’s), so fresh produce is a year-round thing here. From October-May, we are able to buy 60 lbs of otherwise rejected product for $10 through a program called P.O.W.W.O.W. (Produce on wheels without waste) Here’s a picture of what I picked up in February:

Produce. Mango jam.


The produce is available every Saturday, but I only go once a month because there’s only two of us to eat it, and it takes an enormous amount of time to take care of it. I mean, look at all those tomatoes! Holy Henry!

This past weekend, I brought home:

10 zucchini

2 acorn squash

10 ears of corn

2 lbs of spinach (that’s a lot of spinach)

17 regular tomatoes

8 mangoes

8-10 cucumbers

12 bell peppers

Needless to say, I spent Saturday looking for recipes then made veggie soup, skillet lasagna, spinach-mushroom quiche, and a mushroom/zucchini/artichoke torte.

Sunday, I made two more quiches, zucchini brownies (I’ll never make brownies without zucchini again. So moist), bread and butter pickles, mango jelly, bell pepper relish, and eight veggie empanadas.

Monday, I tackled the corn and used half of it in a casserole. I had also bought some chicken, so that went into four crockpot freezer bags, and I cut up ten green peppers and froze them in bags.

While I had the oven going, I baked an eggplant that I later turned into baba ganoush. I just finished it up this morning as a snack. So good.

Tuesday, I made more chocolate zucchini brownies (Oh, didn’t I mention the first batch was chocolate?) and naan bread for the baba ganoush. I had a second eggplant I sliced and baked into chips.

Wednesday, I cooked and froze the rest of the corn. It was a light day.

The freezer half of my refrigerator is packed to the gills, but don’t worry, I have a new upright coming on Monday. I don’t think I could cram one more thing inside.

The refrigerator half still holds a quarter bag of spinach, two squash, six bell peppers (I think they’re breeding), and two cucumbers.

We’re going to eat like kings!




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