Editing my next book

Sales forThe Apprentice Fairy Godmother are accumulating.  I’m confident that once I start uploading more stories and build a backlist, the numbers will grow.

Meanwhile, I’m finishing the last of my edits for “Tall, Dark and Slayer”, due out with Champagne Books in January.  Did I say last edits?  No, these are preliminary, mostly punctuation and formatting.  It seems — hard to believe–I am fond of the dash.  I’m also doing mundane fixes like underlining to italics and changing the chapter titles to bold, 20pt font.  Each publisher is different.  I don’t mind doing them, it gives me a chance to reunite with my characters, Betty and Gabe.

Content edits will be forthcoming.  I can already see one thing that has to be fixed.  Gabe is very active during the climax while wearing handcuffs.  I can only assume he’s cuffed in front.

What glaring errors have you made in a manuscript?  Did you catch them or did someone else?

Take care,


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The Apprentice Fairy Godmother now available for Kindle

The Apprentice Fairy Godmother is now available for Kindle!

Georgia and Harrison Ford’s story is now available.  I’ve had the first chapter available as an excerpt here, but am now offering it as an e-book.

Student fairy godmother Georgia Rhodes, youngest of four, is used to causing trouble to get attention.  When she’s handed her last assignment before graduation and full-fledged apprentice status, she expects a simple task with a newborn baby – not the complications of a full grown man.  She’ll fail if she doesn’t complete the assignment and find a wife for him.  But how can she, when she might want the job for herself?

Harrison Ford (no, not that one,)is a nerdish actuary with a dislike of the notoriety his name brings.  He doesn’t have time for an opinionated, accident-prone godmother whose magic seems to be on the fritz.  Why should he fall in with her matchmaking schemes when the women she presents are dull in comparison?

This is one of my favorite stories.  Harrison has no idea how his world will change when Georgia poofs into his office then follows him home.  His bland, vanilla life is turned upside down as she invades his life. She’s not from Disney casting, and her hot body forces him to think of polar bears, ice cubes and IRS audits to cool down.

Georgia just wants to pass her final exam, but she’s left wandless, and her spells only work when she’s not consciously thinking of them.  While she tries to do her duty, she’s plagued by a supervisor who talks in Twitterese, Harrison’s jealous teen daughter, and his mother, who has a definite opinion of what’s best.

Tuesday of purpleinkdesigns did a marvelous job on the cover.  Can’t you see the mischief in Georgia’s eyes and Harrison’s exasperation?

Go to Amazon today and purchase The Apprentice Fairy Godmother!

News soon on my next book (or should I say new news about an old book?)

p.s. I’ll be adding it to Barnes & Noble’s bookshelf soon.

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Borders closing forever

I won’t quote facts or speculate on why Borders is closing.  Whatever the reasons, and I suspect they are varied, losing them is painful and personal.  I held my first booksigning at a local Waldner’s Books.  In fact, I ran across a photo of it just today.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Businesses failing is a fact of life, but a bookstore closing is like breaking the fingers of a writer.  Or crashing their computer or burning their manuscript.  It’s visceral.  It hurts.  It shouldn’t be.

I’m heartened by the overall state of the book industry, despite this sad news.  I’ve just returned from a four day trip through various corners of Michigan, my home state.  Local bookstores still exist, consumers still buy books.  These visible reminders give me hope.

Epublishing, self-publishing are infants.  The industry is undergoing an unprecedented revolution.  Rejoice in the turmoil.  As with all revolutions, there are losers, but there are also winners.  You are the winner.  You, the reader.

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