Mango jam and other good stuff

It’s Saturday, which means it’s usually time for cool links, but I’m foregoing them to show you what I’ve been doing this week (hint: not so much writing). It has to do with making mango jam and other good stuff.

Mango jam and other good stuff

I’m inserting myself into today’s post because I made this mango jam, bread and butter pickles and bell pepper relish:

Mango jam

Bread & butter pickles Mango jam Bell pepper relish

Looks delish, right?

I live in Arizona (don’t hate me because the temperature is in the 70’s. Let’s talk this summer when it’s in the 110’s), so fresh produce is a year-round thing here. From October-May, we are able to buy 60 lbs of otherwise rejected product for $10 through a program called P.O.W.W.O.W. (Produce on wheels without waste) Here’s a picture of what I picked up in February:

Produce. Mango jam.


The produce is available every Saturday, but I only go once a month because there’s only two of us to eat it, and it takes an enormous amount of time to take care of it. I mean, look at all those tomatoes! Holy Henry!

This past weekend, I brought home:

10 zucchini

2 acorn squash

10 ears of corn

2 lbs of spinach (that’s a lot of spinach)

17 regular tomatoes

8 mangoes

8-10 cucumbers

12 bell peppers

Needless to say, I spent Saturday looking for recipes then made veggie soup, skillet lasagna, spinach-mushroom quiche, and a mushroom/zucchini/artichoke torte.

Sunday, I made two more quiches, zucchini brownies (I’ll never make brownies without zucchini again. So moist), bread and butter pickles, mango jelly, bell pepper relish, and eight veggie empanadas.

Monday, I tackled the corn and used half of it in a casserole. I had also bought some chicken, so that went into four crockpot freezer bags, and I cut up ten green peppers and froze them in bags.

While I had the oven going, I baked an eggplant that I later turned into baba ganoush. I just finished it up this morning as a snack. So good.

Tuesday, I made more chocolate zucchini brownies (Oh, didn’t I mention the first batch was chocolate?) and naan bread for the baba ganoush. I had a second eggplant I sliced and baked into chips.

Wednesday, I cooked and froze the rest of the corn. It was a light day.

The freezer half of my refrigerator is packed to the gills, but don’t worry, I have a new upright coming on Monday. I don’t think I could cram one more thing inside.

The refrigerator half still holds a quarter bag of spinach, two squash, six bell peppers (I think they’re breeding), and two cucumbers.

We’re going to eat like kings!




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