Keyboard Shortcuts #ThrowbackThursday

#ThrowbackThursday Keyboard Shortcuts

I love, love, love keyboard shortcuts. They are the bomb. Or maybe I’m just lazy. No. Efficient. Yeah, I’m uber efficient.
It’s amazing how many people don’t use keyboard shortcuts, even the basics like CNTL+A for chose all. How weird that you wouldn’t want to make your typing easier and faster so you can write more or have time for other things.
Here is a handy-dandy list of keyboard shortcuts. I hope you’ll take advantage of one or two and increase your word count!

keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl+B Bold the selected text bold
Ctrl+I Italicize the selected text italic
Ctrl+U Underline the selected text
Ctrl+Backspace Delete the previous word
Ctrl+Del Delete the next word
Ctrl+F Find some text in the current document
Ctrl+Z Undo your last action


Ctrl+C Copy what’s selected
Ctrl+X Cut what’s selected
Ctrl+V Paste what you last copied or cut
Ctrl+A Select all


Ctrl+N Create a new document
Ctrl+O Open an existing document
Ctrl+W Close the current document
Ctrl+S Saves the current document
Ctrl+P Print the current document


Ctrl+N Open a new window
Ctrl+T Open a new tab (if your browser supports tabs)
Ctrl+W Close the current window/tab
Ctrl+R Refresh
Esc Stop
Alt+? Back
Alt+? Forward
PageUp Move up a page
PageDown Move down a page
Alt+Home Go to your homepage
Alt+D Move focus to the address bar to type in a URL
Ctrl+Enter Add “http://www.” and “.com” around an address
MiddleClick Middle-clicking a tab will close it, even if it’s not the active tab


Alt+3 £
Alt+4 ¢
Alt+5 ?
Alt+6 §
Alt+7 ¶     (pilcrow paragraph)
Alt+8 •     (black dot)
Alt+9 ª     (floating small a)
Alt+0 º     (degrees)


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