Cool Links 3-13-21 Edition

Today’s cool links 3-13-21 edition take us to a carnival and a bowling alley. Not bowling at a carnival, though I’m sure some town has Thanksgiving frozen turkey bowling. 

Anyone else thinking of the old WKRP in Cincinnati episode where Les Nessman reports on live turkeys dropped from a helicopter? 

cool links 3-13-21 edition

Where’s my parachute?





West Country Carnival

In England’s West Country, annual illuminated parades take place in villages to raise money for charities. The carts are tricked out in lights, take thousands of hours to build, and cost up to ten thousand pounds each.

The tradition originates in 1605, after a failed attempt by Guy Fawkes to blow up Parliament.

In Bridgewater, the originators lit a large bonfire consisting of an old, large, wooden boat, surrounded by a hundred tar barrels, and anything that would burn. The tradition stopped when enthusiastic villagers got out of hand and burned not-so-old boats. Times never change, eh?


Non Harry Potter squibs are fireworks held “aloft by a person known as a “squibber” on the end of a long wooden handle called a “cosh”. One hundred squibbers stand in line in Bridgwater town centre making an unusual but impressive sight for visitors who crowd the High Street.”

To see example of very elaborate carts and read more, check out the wikipedia page here.

Scented bowling balls

While researching unique smells for my character, Rory Harper, to smell to solve his latest mystery, I discovered scented bowling balls. Yes, they’re a thing. Storm bowling balls adds scents to their balls. Apple cider, blueberry, and orange glaze are examples. Take a whiff of that ball before you bowl a turkey, Joe. (see what I did there? turkeys, bowling? Ah, it all comes together).

cool links 3-13-31 edition

Do you bowl? Many, many years ago, when my kids were small(ish) the local bowling alley ran a “Bowling for Bikes” promotion. Commit to bowling ten Saturday mornings in a row, and receive a $100 gift certificate to Toys R Us to buy a bike. (They did it!) Maybe scented bowling balls came after that era.

That’s my cool links 3-13-21 edition. 

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