Cool Links, 2-13-21 Edition

Cool Links, 2-13-21 Edition

It’s been a while since I’ve shared the odd and interesting places I’ve visited on the internet. Here’s the latest cool links, 2-13-21 edition.

Happy Year of the Ox

Happy New Year! It’s the Year of the Metal Ox, a year of endurance, recovery, and discipline. Sounds about right. Party on, Mr. Ox!

Here’s a link to a short video of a Musk Ox farm in Alaska (turn off your microphone if you hate inconsequential music). The musk ox is an interesting beast that is bred for its valuable wool called qiveut (remember that word next time you’re playing Scrabble).

If you want to know how qiveut wool is used, check out these beautiful scarves (and the eye-popping price tag)! It’s a thrifty thing that I no longer live in a cold climate. Yowzers!

Natural Architecture

cool links, 2-13-21 editionMy grandfather was a carpenter. I worked in the wood furniture industry for years. I know a thing or two about wood and trees. (one of my TV heroes is Pete Nelson from Treehouse Masters). Patrick Dougherty builds treehouses in a more natural way. They are works of natural art. See more at the ecosnippets website.


Stump Turned into a Free Little Library

As the proud caretaker of a Free Little Library, and as another bitterly cold winter storm sweeps across the United States, nothing could be more timely than the story of a woman who turned the stump of a hundred-ten-year-old tree into a neighborhood library. From wood pulp for book leaves to a library made from wood. The circle of life, eh?

Please return on Monday, the fifteenth for a quick post on rhubarb (it will help your writer’s block, I promise)



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