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Keyboard shortcuts-Increase Your Productivity

I love, love, love keyboard shortcuts. They are the bomb. Or maybe I’m just lazy. No. Efficient. Yeah, I’m uber efficient. It’s amazing how many people don’t use keyboard shortcuts, even the basics like CNTL+A for chose all. How weird that you wouldn’t want to make your typing easier and faster so you can write…

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Writing sex

Writing sex Words of wisdom from an old post regarding the difficulty of writing sex: Sex is easy to write. Intimacy is hard to write. Writing sex is writing logistics.  Tab A in Slot B.  It’s the physicality of the act. Writing intimacy is breaking down barriers.  It’s opening long-held secrets and exposing them to…

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The Plot Thickens

The Plot Thickens Tonight, I’m conducting a writing workshop for the West Oahu Women Networking Group based on a previous workshop titled The Plot Thickens.  I’m positive I can’t cover everything I’ve learned in the last fourteen years of writing, but I would like to touch on plotting, especially goals, character’s motivation and how to…

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