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What’s your story?

Fill in the blanks. The thing I want most is_________because__________, but I can’t because__________ . That, my friends, is the goal, motivation and conflict you need for your major characters before you can start writing. p.s. I’d also like to hear your stories and what you’re doing to meet your goal. All the best, Cheryl…

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Writing exercises

Do you use writing prompts when you get a big case of writer’s block or to spark your writing?  Here’s one from 2005, when the Grand Rapids Region Writers Group first started and lacked a speaker for their meeting. The dead make good neighbors; I mean, they don’t trot over at all hours and beat…

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Birth Order Part 2, or Why Your Characters Behave the Way They Do

Birth Order Part 2 Last week, we looked at the peculiarities of the first born and middle child. In Birth Order Part 2, we’ll examine the last born, only child and twins. The way they behave can help you in crafting your story’s characters. Last Born Children Last born children fight hard to get noticed….

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