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What color blue do you need? Peacock? Glacier? Chambray?

We’re told as writers to use all five senses. Here’s a list I found that describes colors other than the basic red, blue and yellow.  Use this list to enrich your writing. Colors: Black: Onyx, Ebony, Lampblack, Midnight, Blue-black, Carbon, Coal, Raven, Jet, Shadow, Ink, Black Pear, Anthracite, Sable, Obsidian, Pitch, Pepper, Soot, Opaque, Licorice….

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RTS – Raise The Stakes in your novel

Does every scene raise the stakes of your plot? Lately, I’ve been playing a little game called RTS.  It stands for Raise The Stakes, and it’s made a big difference in the tension of my novel. In order to catch and keep your reader’s attention, you have to involve them with your characters.   You want…

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Keyboard shortcuts-Increase Your Productivity

I love, love, love keyboard shortcuts. They are the bomb. Or maybe I’m just lazy. No. Efficient. Yeah, I’m uber efficient. It’s amazing how many people don’t use keyboard shortcuts, even the basics like CNTL+A for chose all. How weird that you wouldn’t want to make your typing easier and faster so you can write…

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