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Neil Gaiman’s Top 10 Rules for Success

10 Rules for Success As we’ve discussed in previous posts, and here and here, November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Participants try to write 50K words in 30 days. We all need a little writing love during this month, so I’ve brought you a video of Neil Gaiman’s top 10 rules for success. I…

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Use Theme to improve your NaNo writing

Theme is an important part of any story. Choose your theme before beginning your NaNo project, and you’ll have an easier time editing. What is theme? (I hear your 3rd grade-self moaning) I’ll save the Webster Dictionary meaning and tell you what you need to know for NaNo: Theme is the single idea that holds…

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Research Tool:Project Gutenberg

      Project Gutenberg is a remarkable research tool if you’re looking for historical facts. Named after the inventor of the movable type printer, Project Gutenberg provides web access to over 50,000 books, with another 100,000 available through their partners. Free books, people. From Jane Austin to Mark Twain to Oscar Wilde. And the…

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