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200 posts and What I’ve Learned

Celebrate! I’ve written 200 posts since I started blogging on 6/23/09. That’s 99 months ago, which means I’ve averaged two blogs a month. I’m sure weeks passed with no activity, followed by Tasmanian devil typing. It’s only fitting that today’s post centers on links with writing advice, as I’ve made it a practice to share…

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9 Rules for Better Dialogue #AuthorToolboxBlogHop

9 Rules for better dialogue One way to make your characters memorable, is to give them better dialogue. Dialogue is a key component to any fictional work. It serves many purposes: Moves the story forward Defines characters (background, cultures, etc) Entertains Sets mood, tone, time, and space Adds tension Adds conflict Gives information Controls pacing…

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Advice for writers and dieters #TT

Throwback Thursday The following is a blog post from June, 2009. It’s great writing advice for writers and dieters, just as relevant now as it was then. Advice for writers and dieters Recently, while surfing the internet, I found some tips for maintaining a healthier lifestyle that could easily be applied to a healthier writing…

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