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ProWritingAid, A Writer’s Best Editing Friend

ProWritingAid is an essential editing tool After a month (or two, or three) of writing non-fiction, I’m back at work writing fiction. One of the essential tools I use is ProWriting Aid. I touched on its features briefly in my “R” is for Revising Your Rough Draft blog. I’d like to explain more of why…

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Scene and sequel #AuthorToolBoxBlogHop

Scene and Sequel Scene and sequel always sounded so esoteric to me, a lofty action practiced by those in the literary world. It seemed precise and calculated and very dry and boring. Not at all the way I plotted my stories, which has always been a dash of pantsing and enough planning to know the…

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A Writing Prompt from the Past

A writing prompt using the way-back machine Do you use a writing prompt when you get a big case of writer’s block or to spark your writing? Here’s one from 2005, when the Grand Rapids Region Writers Group first started and lacked a speaker for their meeting. The dead make good neighbors; I mean, they…

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