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How to add depth to the characters you write by using their birth order

How birth order affects your characters We all know the cliches of the spoiled baby of the family or the tyrant older sister.  Why not use this information to drive your characters through your story? In “Birth Order, Adding Depth to the Characters You Write,” I examine the strengths and flaws of each child of…

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Start Your Book The Right Way

Start Your Book the Right Way-How to Hook Your Readers Even if you’re new to writing, you know the importance of writing a hook for your novel. It grabs your reader’s attention and convinces him to buy. A good hook raises questions, piques curiosity, and draws the reader deeper into your story. Without a compelling,…

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The dreaded internal editor

I met with someone the other day who brought up an interesting point.  What do you do when you can’t turn off the internal editor?  When she/he is ruining all attempts to get words written? Here’s what I do: Black out your computer screen.  If you can’t see the words, you’ll be less tempted to…

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