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How to write like a demon. 57K in 34 days.



I’ve finished the first draft of my WIP (work in progress for those not in the know). I set a goal of August 1st to complete it, and I did. The time zone used is fuzzy. Okay, I borrowed one hour and forty-three minutes from August, but I wrote 57K words from June 28-August 1.

The story of my story:

Two years ago, I started a tale of Snow White. The reason remains lost to me, but I abandoned it at 9900 words. Outlined, short blurbs written for what should happen, but abandoned. I pulled it out in June, dusted it off, added more to the outline and began writing on June 28th. I expected to complete it at 40-45K, but the scenes kept growing. My final word count is 67,653. Some of that will be deleted. I’ve already marked two scenes because they wandered away from me.

Writing fast is a high. I set a 1K goal for each day and met it for all but three days. Two days were spent with family (two toddlers = no energy to write) and one day I vegged.

How did I write 57K in 34 days? Internal editor banished. Eyes closed. Music in headphones at times. Heavy use of xxxx for “look this up later” and “I don’t have time for the perfect word”. ** for “I might have used this word six times in the past two paragraphs, check later”. In fact, checking later is one of the keys to racking up the words. It’s an incredible high.

The next step is letting it simmer while I turn to some editing chores I’ve neglected. The Dearly Departed Dating Service is with my beta readers and cover artist. I’m combing the first draft (I write fairly clean) for obvious errors (using chose instead of chosen). When I receive my edits and covers, stay tuned for a release announcement.



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New short story will be available soon

“Coco’s Somewhat Excellent Adventures”, a new short story will be available soon, exclusive to Amazon and FREE to Kindle Unlimited users.

Her husband ran off with a twenty-year-old bimbo named Britney.  Her partner sends  her on wild goose chases to snap her out of her funk.  And her only child is about to leave the nest.   What’s a gal to do?

Coco Trueheart begins her odyssey from divorcée to the creator of  a new, vibrant life in the first of ten planned short stores.  Along the way she dispenses advice to star-crossed lovers and encounters a series of misadventures, from seat companions who are obnoxious to those who are merely dead.

Join Coco as she takes on the world in search of somewhat excellent adventures!

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A Tale of Two Tales

We’ve been on Big Island, Hawaii for about six weeks now. I’ve been creating, sewing mostly (there is a one-year birthday next month) but I haven’t found my writing mojo until recently. I knew I had some unfinished projects, but I’ve been concentrating on the last story I started and hadn’t found the motivation to continue.
Last night, I opened Scrivener. If you haven’t bought it, do so. It’s a big mass of amazing when it comes to keeping all the details straight, plus you can rearrange scenes, add research websites… I digress.
I had a bunch of unfinished stories. At least six. I plucked two of them from the cobwebby depths of my hard drive and took a look at them.

Here’s what I found:

A Snow White Tale, whereupon the heroine, tossed into the forest after escaping the woodman’s beheading plan, runs into the 8th dwarf. This is probably a novella, as I don’t see much depth beyond the evil queen’s plan to off Snow and Snow’s reaction. POV’s are from Snow, the 8th (cutie) dwarf, the Queen and the Magic Mirror. Complete at 20% but the scenes are plotted.
A modern day Cinderella tale of a woman who is caretaker to the elderly. She inherits a former client’s house, which comes with many secrets and many ghosts. Enter the client’s (cutie) lawyer, a couple of wacky stepsisters and an understandable shoe fetish. Complete at 50%. There’s a lot of depth here with many layers to be written.

Reality bounces between an ever increasingly complicated day life and a dream world, ruled by ghosts’ whims and erotic fantasies. The challenge is to go through what I’ve written and remove the negative word choices, which drags down the story. There’s a killed off ex fiance who needs to exit the story. He’s a downer in what is supposed to be a comedy. There’s an additional challenge of taking the 80% written on Word and moving it to Scrivener. What was I thinking?
More updates as I make headway.
In the meantime, check out my other blog, www.cherylsteimel.com, where I comment on living in Hawaii.

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