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I entered NaNo because my character made me

To NaNo or not to NaNo, that is the question

I entered Nanao2017 because my character made me

This year, after much internal debate, I entered NaNo2017. Unless you are super new to writing, every writer knows that November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNo or NaNoWriMo), when thousands of writers worldwide attempt to write 50K in 30 days.

I had nothing to prove by entering. I’ve written 50K or more in a month through personal challenges, writing group activities and online challenges. Several of my books started through NaNo.

I love the challenge of NaNo. Writing at a fast pace suits me. It allows me to shut away away my inner editor and get the story told.Click To Tweet I can make the story pretty in the revision process.

I don’t need to buddy with other writers to hold myself accountable. The one time I entered a cabin at CampNaNo, the chatter was minimal.

I didn’t have anything to prove.

In addition, I’m visiting family for most of November. I’m not operating on my own schedule. My routine is topsy-turvy. I don’t have my big white chair to write in. I don’t know where stuff is. In a word, my timetable is unreliable.

Then my main character, Annie, stepped in and told me that’s exactly where she needs me to be—outside my comfort zone. Annie is experiencing a lot of stress, questioning her sanity.

She needs my stress to lend authenticity to her story. Writing it in my normal environment doesn't do her justice.Click To Tweet

I entered NaNo because my character made me

Working cover for Brilliant Wreckage, a story set in WWII.

A Challenge and a Goal

While visiting, I reconnected with a friend who has started her second book. We challenged each other in a NaNo like fashion to complete our first drafts by December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day. Very fitting as my story is set in WWII.

Then I looked at my unpredictable schedule and realized there are one or two pockets of time, randomly spaced, that allows me to write. Knowing my writing speed (700-800 words an hour), I could possibly write the 1,667 necessary daily to complete 50K in 30 days.

If I mind map and outline each scene, and knowing what the major scenes are, I can use my time efficiently.

Will I make my goal? With an uncertain schedule and and least one day lost to traveling back home then readjusting to a normal routine, who knows? But I owe it to Annie to write her story in a non-familiar environment.

Have you entered NaNo2017? What are your reasons?







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Book titles

Red Riding Hood and the Lone Wolfe Book Launch Announcement

I am pleased to announce the second book in my Enchanted series, Red Riding Hood and the Lone Wolfe, will be released on October fourteenth.


Rosewyn, village baker in the kingdom of Eastlocke, is also a witch of limited power, scraping a living for her and her grandmother. Then one day, the new king, returned from exile, lands at her feet. Soon she’s installed in the royal kitchens. Rosewyn sees the opportunity to better her family’s lives. What could be simpler than seducing a king using her charms and a little magic?

But her ambitions turns to concern when Oliver’s life and kingdom is threatened. Her witchcraft might solve his problems, but how does she tell him without confessing her lies, her secret, and the knowledge of his secret life of a werewolf?

Red Riding Hood and the Lone Wolfe picks up the Enchanted story soon after the conclusion of the first book in the series, Snow White and the Eighth Dwarf. The Miller Sisters return to the narrative, as well as Lex Sands, Snow White, and the Evil Queen.

Join Rosewyn and Oliver as they fight the differences between a King and a commoner; a woman looking to better her life, and the man overcoming his father’s shame.

An excerpt:

Rosewyn Baker stopped on the creek side path when she heard hoof beats pounding down the hill. She twisted in its direction. What fool hurried this early in the morning? And in the rain?
A huge beast galloped through the shrubs, a rider hunched over it, his hat bouncing free. Man and creature hurled toward the creek swollen from the rains. Then the horse crashed to a halt short of the bank.
The man flew over its head, flipped and landed on his back. Water erupted into the already wet air. A startled bird cried and flew away. Continue reading Red Riding Hood Book Launch Date

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Starting to write a new book. Ah. It's almost equivalent to starting to read a new book. Fresh pages. The lure of excitement, of unknown adventures.

Starting to write a new book is easy for one reason

Starting to write a new book. Ah. It's almost equivalent to starting to read a new book. Fresh pages. The lure of excitement, of unknown adventures. Starting to write a new book. Ah. It’s equivalent to starting to read a new book. Fresh pages. The lure of excitement, of unknown adventures.

The courtship between you and the main characters (good or evil). The blush of starting new.

The number one reason to start a new book is the excitement. A writer can do anything. Take the story anywhere. Introduce amazing characters. Kill the bad guy. Break rules. A world of opportunity awaits.

Secondly, we get to finally write “that” book. You know the one. The idea hit us in the shower, or as we woke from a dream, or as we drove to work. The idea that grabbed hold and wouldn’t let go, that kept us up at night, ostracized our families and sent us leaping across the room for pen and paper to write down an amazing plot twist. New books are seductive and impatient. They are sparkly and threaten to leave unless captured.

Don’t believe any writer who drones on about his or her “muse”. There is no such creature. Everything that happens in a book comes solely from the writer’s imagination. Grumpy, fairy godmother-like muses do not sprinkle fairy dust on a laptop and produce a polished manuscript. They don’t cripple the writer’s hands, or stunt his brain. If a writer can’t write, it’s his fault, no one else’s.

Starting to write a new book is hard for one reason

I’ve recently started writing a new book, and it’s sent me into uncharted territory. Brilliant Wreckage lives up to its title. It is outside my usual genre. I write fantasy and paranormal stories. Elves. Fairy godmothers. Witches. Aliens.

Brilliant Wreckage centers around an ordinary woman in an extraordinary time—WWII. She’s caught in its web. Worries about the safety of her fiance fill her days and nights. On the home front, she fights many battles.
On top of everything else, Annie sees visions.
Can she keep her sanity while the world around her crumbles?

Yesterday, I wrote dreck.

Annie got up, had breakfast, went into the garden to plant potatoes. Boring, boring, boring. Where’s the car crashes, the fiery escape from death? I can only keep my faith in the theory that first drafts are shitty, and I’ll find better words when I start to edit.

1st drafts are *#%@. Have faith you'll find better words when you start to edit.Click To Tweet

What my main character is blessed with

Annie Faraday loves, and is loved in return by an amazing man who writes her poetry in his letters home from the Pacific Theater during World War II. He supports her and her dream of becoming a nurse and midwife. He listens to her doubts and fears. Jimmy is her guiding star.

What my main character fears the most

The battle of Iwo Jima plays a prominate part in my starting to write a new book this month.

Annie fears many things. The dissolution of her family as her father slides into alcoholism. The fear her younger brother will persuade their father to sign off on letting him join the Navy. Her future father-in-law, who looks down on her because she pursues a medical career. Oh, and she’s not good enough for his son. But the number one thing Annie fears is the war. Jimmy’s at Iwo Jima, and though he’s not one of the thankless men who stormed its shores, he faces death daily from kamikaze pilots, bombs and anything else that could go wrong.

Will he make it home to her? I know the answer, and it’s not an easy one. I walk a fine line in crafting this story. Annie’s doubts mirror my own. As I said, I’ve never written this type of story before. It’s tricky. I guess I’ll have to borrow some of her faith during the next few weeks.

New book launch announcement next Monday

Please return here next Monday for an important announcement regarding the release of Book #2 in the Enchanted series, Red Riding Hood and the Lone Wolf.
I’ll have an excerpt for you to read and a question you can help me answer.

(Purchase Book #1, Snow White and the Eighth Dwarf here)

Until then,

Blessings to you!


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