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Character motivation in The Princess Bride

Character Motivation in The Princess Bride Tagging on to my post What Does Your Character Want, I’m driving the wayback machine to 2016, where I posted three times about goals, motivation, and conflict in a story. This #ThrowbackThursday post is a repeat of the one on character motivation in The Princess Bride.    Princess Bride…

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Cool Links 2-22-20 Edition

Cool links 2-22-20 Edition It’s been <cough, cough> a while since I’ve posted my favorite websites from this week. Cool Links 2-2-20 Edition is now Live! Read about bees, Girl Scouts, Tom Hanks, and French bookstores. Bees and Girl Scouts When my daughter chose the project for her Girl Scout Gold Award, she raised ladybugs…

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#TT 19-1/2 Step Plotting Worksheet

19-1/2 Step Plotting Worksheet It’s #ThrowbackThursday, and we’re in the wayback machine to last June, when the sun shone, the temperatures gladdened our hearts, and we could step out of our homes without bundling up like Randy from A Christmas Story. Enjoy this 19-1/2 step plotting worksheet. AnnaER / Pixabay If you’ve always wanted to write…

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