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Arizona Heat #ThrowbackThursday

 From Arizona Heat to One-Zero-Zero, read and enjoy twenty-six stories set in the strange retirement community of Twilight, Arizona. Continue reading

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Say No to Bad Books—What is Your Book Nyet Factor #TT

Throwback Thursday It’s #ThrowbackThursday, and I’ve picked a blog post that originally ran on Sept. 1, 2009. I talk about a book’s nyet factor, or say No to bad books. Life is too short to waste it reading bad books. What is your book nyet factor? Or do you suffer all the way to the…

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Book Review:Writer on Budget

Writer on a Budget: Insider tips and resources to help you write, polish, publish, and market your book at minimal cost by Sarah Lentz I’ve been remiss in not posting more book reviews to my blog. I read a great many books, blogs, and downloads and have learned many tips and techniques about writing and…

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