Should Writers Give Away Their Works for Free?

The key to writing faster

Last year, Wil Wheaton (Yes, Westley Crusher himself) wrote about NOT giving away his work for free.

I agree with him. We’re artists and we shouldn’t give away our work. Amazon and Kindle Unlimited have revolutionized the publishing industry. Thousands of books are offered as free. Is this good? For the reader, yes. For the writers? Not so much.

I’m guilty of using Kindle Unlimited as a tool to introduce some of my novels. “The Plot Thickens” was in the KU program for six months, sold more than six hundred copies, but made pennies. All of the books enrolled in the KU program share a monthly allowance (KDP Select Global Fund), based on the number of pages read. If you have a small book, you have to sell a heck of a bunch of them to make as much as a novel.

Free, or almost free, is the new norm. If you’re a writer with a healthy stable of books it might be worth it to offer one, say the first story in a series, as permafree to introduce a reader to your work. If you’re a new author—don’t quit your day job.

Should writers give away their works for free?

It’s up to each author, but my advice is no. Don’t shortchange your work. Don’t shortchange your worth. Go wide with your stories. Offer them through as many online venues as you can find. I recommend starting with, where you can upload your manuscript once, and it is downloaded behind the scenes to Nook, iBooks, Scribd and others. It’s a free service upfront, Draft2Digital takes a cut on the backend (much as Amazon does).

Amazon is a huge presence in the ebook publishing industry. Why allow them power over your writing career? They could push all of their authors into the Kindle Unlimited program.

Take charge of your career. Don’t let anyone else define you. You are worth more than you give yourself credit. Don’t give away your work!


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Kindle Unlimited Free Book!

Coco Bk 2 swimming pool Trocchi font


If you’ve ever been divorced, follow Coco’s adventures as she throws off post-divorce inertia and embraces change

Wrong shoes. Wrong dress. Wrong man.
It’s the day of her son’s graduation party, and Coco Trueheart starts out with three wrongs and a quick nip of vodka. Why not? She’s expecting her ex-husband—invited but not welcome—and his twenty-year-old girlfriend—definitely not invited or welcome.
With everyone in her life moving on, Coco is determined to change with them and blaze a new path. Just as soon as the party ends.
Nothing could possibly go wrong until then.
Or could it?

Click here to download Coco’s Somewhat Excellent Adventures, Book 2!

Free for Kindle Unlimited Users, 99 cents for everyone else.

I’ve been busy with a lot of writing lately, so much that I’m outpacing my critique group. They’ll have many story beginnings, but the endings will be in print before the calendar synchs with their schedule.

Snow White and the Eighth Dwarf, Enchanted Forest Book 1 is one-third complete. I have a July 31st completion goal, at which time I’ll turn it over to my editor and beta readers. Look for more news of its publication date on this blog.



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Writing A Sci-Fi short story romance

I’ve been wanting to write a short story for some time.  This is a new endeavour, I’m used to pumping out 100K words.  Tackling 3-5K was daunting.  How would I express my H/h ‘s goals, motivations, and conflicts?  How would I create their character arcs?  I kept the concept in the back of my mind, but I didn’t know how or where to start.

A Sci-Fi short story romance

Be careful what you wish for


Until I saw this cover at  Continue reading Mr. Right, Mr. Wrong, Mr. Alien : A Sci-Fi short story romance

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