It's not hard to make a video. Little technical skill is required to make a video to impress family, friends, and readers.

How to make a video

It's not hard to make a video. Little technical skill is required to make a video to impress family, friends, and readers.

It’s not hard to make a video. Little technical skill is required to make a video to impress family, friends, and readers. I’ve found a program that (can be) free that is so simple you’ll think there’s a catch. You can make videos for weddings, baby showers, graduations, special occasions, and birthdays. Consider using your book cover and text to make a book trailer. Then post it on your blog, social media outlets, and YouTube.

Here is a video I made of my granddaughter’s recent birthday. The hardest part was picking the photos, cropping, and playing with the lighting, contrast, etc.

Olivia’s 4th Birthday

What you’ll need to make a video

A little bit of time (5-10 minutes or less.  Really).
5-8 photos
A sentiment you want shared (ie, what’cha gonna write?)
That’s it! Oh, and you’ll need to pick a theme from the dozens provided, that will take a little more time because you’ll want to experiment.

Where to go to make a video

You won’t even have to sign up for an account, you can sign in using your Facebook info.

It’s wicked easy!
1. Pick a theme
2. Add some photos or a video
3.  Add text
Boom! You’re done.

But is it really free?

Videos up to 30 seconds are free. Anything over that length, you’ll have to become a Prime member, which costs $96 a year.

Impress your friends and family now. They’ll think you’re a techno-marvel.

Post your new video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a host of other social media sites. Email it to a friend or embed it into your blog or YouTube channel.

Brag to everyone about how hard you worked to make something for their special day then smile in satisfaction because you accomplished a new skill.

Now, go forth and create a video.  Send me a link. I’d love to see what you made.





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Three marketing tips for writers

It’s that time of month again—AuthorToolBoxBlogHop, where like-minded writers exchange tips on writing, marketing, editing, querying, etc. For July, I’ve selected three marketing tips for writers that I don’t think are well known. It’s always a pleasure sharing marketing secrets.

1. The right way to share your book’s Amazon link

Okay, you’ve finally published a book. Hooray you! And naturally, you’re social media-ing the heck out of it. Whether on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform, you’re getting the word out. “Buy my book. Here’s the link ______”.

But did you know there’s a little known secret to copying an Amazon’s link?

Here’s the unedited link to my last novel, Snow White and the Eighth Dwarf:

Snow White and the Eighth Dwarf, an adult fairy tale recreation

Snow White and the Eighth Dwarf


See that bolded ASIN (Amazon book ID Number)? All that gibberish behind it is an Amazon electronic time stamp. It tells Amazon the exact time of your  purchase.

Here’s the thing. Every time you sell a book with that time stamp, Amazon will see an abnormal amount of sales FOR THE SAME EXACT TIME. It might send up a red flag. Your sales might not be counted.

Here’s an easy workaround

Remove everything after the ASIN. Whether you shorten the link with tinyURL or not, only use the link between to the ASID.

2. Sticking a post to Twitter and Facebook

Going back to your new book scenario (Yeah, you!). You write a post about it on Twitter and your Facebook Page—then what? How do you keep it at the top of all your posts so it’s the first thing visitors see?

Write your post/tweet as usual and publish. Find it on your feed and look for a V symbol in the upper right hand corner of the post. Click on it and bring down the pull down menu.

Tip #2 of three marketing tips for writers. Permanently pin a post to the top of your Facebook page.

Permanently pin a post to the top of your Facebook page.

On Twitter, click on “Pin to your profile page.”

On Facebook, click on “Pin to top of page.” This only works on Facebook Pages. You do have a Facebook page, right?

Add a C.T.A. to all your correspondence

What is C.T.A.? It stands for Call To Action. Yes, you, introverted author, are going to ask your readers to buy your books.

In the front and back material of your published book (Yeah, you!) add all your contact info: email, blog link, Facebook page, Twitter page, all social media, and a link to your Amazon Author Page. You do have an Amazon Author page, right? In addition, add Amazon links to other books, and an excerpt of one of your books.

Tip 3 of three marketing tips for writers: Include a call to action CTA on all your correspondence.

It’s okay to ask your current readers to buy something else of yours. Or contact you. Or follow you on social media. Perhaps write a review. Where better than at the back of your book?

Nudge your readers with a C.T.A. This article explains how effective a C.T.A. can be.


Today’s #AuthorToolBoxBlogHop was brought to you by the letters “A” (Amazon link), “P” (Pin your post), and “C”, “T”, and “A” (Call to Action). I hope my three marketing tips for writers will bring you many, many sales (at different Amazon time stamps, of course).

To continue hopping through other great blogs in the monthly #AuthorToolboxBlogHop or to join, click here.

Bonus C.T.A.

Thanks for reading to the bottom of this post. I’m sending out my own Call To Action. I’ve finished the sequel to Snow White and the Eighth Dwarf, titled Red Riding Hood and the Lone Wolfe.

I’m looking for beta readers. If you’re interested, please contact me at

See, CTAs are painless.





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essential oils are part of the A to Z of Healing in Ishieta Chopra's ebook.

In my third book review of’s ebook carnival, I’m taking a look at A to Z of Healing by Ishieta Chopra.


Book Blurb:

The Author, Ishieta belongs to a Lineage of healers. In the A to Z Challenge in 2017, she took up the theme of A to Z of Healing. Join her as she completes the Alphabets and shares her notes and experiences on 26 Alternative forms of Healing – Beyond the ‘what’ they are, to what we can do with them & what the experience is like.

My Review

Aessential oils are part of the A to Z of Healing in Ishieta Chopra's ebook.s in all the ebook carnival books taken from this year’s AtoZChallenge, the author offers us twenty-six essays. Her theme is Healing. From Affirmations to Zen, we join her on a wide, interesting journey. Each essay not only delves into the basic description of that day’s theme, but into specifics. For example, she charts out which essential oils work best for which maladies, and where to apply them on the body.

Gemstones, or crystals, are part of the A to Z of Healing in Ishieta Chopra's ebook.Or which gemstones are favored in each of the seasons.

I enjoyed her knowledge of the familiar—chakras, meditation, numerology, and tarot. I read with great interest in the forms of healing not as familiar in the Western World. Kundalini Awakening, Qigong, and Vastu Shastra opened my mind to new ways of healing.

The author is an authority on the subjects presented. She shares her knowledge in an easy to understand, informative manner. I appreciate the time and care spent in creating each blog post and the compilation ebook. It truly is an A to Z of Healing.

For a FREE download of the ebook, go here.

To access all thirty plus FREE ebooks, go here.

About The Author:

A practicing Numerologist, Tarot Reader & Reiki Healer & Master, She has set up Isheeria’s Healing Circles to help people Learn, Heal & (Re) Design their lives through the Esoteric Arts and Healing Methods such as: Numerology, Astrology, Feng Shui & Tarot Readings, Reiki and various other Healing Methods, some of which you will be reading about in this book. She writes on these topics along with Monthly Predictions, upcoming festivals and important days according to Astrology, Western Calendar and popular folklore, and Alternative methods of Healing & Predictions, and other Fun & interesting stuff on her site:

A Life-long learner, she is an MBA (Marketing & Finance) and currently a student of Law, with over 17 years of professional corporate experience and finds her true calling in the Esoteric Arts and Writing.

Blessings to all,






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