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Dengue Fever—The Secret the Tourist Industry Isn’t Telling You About Your Trip to Hawai’i

The secret the tourist industry isn’t telling you about traveling to Hawai’i As the rest of the world (and media attention) focuses on the zika virus, we in Hawaii are living day-to-day with Dengue fever (pronounced Den-gee).  As a resident of Hawaii Island (Big Island), I’m sitting in the cross hairs of the most rapidly…

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Find the Center of Your Hurricane

Find the center of your hurricane Find the center of your hurricane, which isn’t always the weather. As I write this, the remnants of Hurricane (now Tropical Depression) Guillermo is dropping rain on us.  Hurricanes in Hawaii are a big deal.  We’re thousands of miles from any help and each island is a sitting duck…

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Star fruit a.k.a Carambola

Star fruit, what? Until two weeks ago, we didn’t know we had a star fruit tree. It’s not very tall, maybe 20 feet, rooted just above where we park the cars. We might have noticed what we thought were long yellow leaves, but being from the Midwest, yellow leaves are not uncommon. I guess we…

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