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Would Alan Rickman make you click on a link?

A writer friend of mine, Jennifer Armintrout, blogged yesterday on her theory of using Alan Rickman’s name in a blog to increase traffic.  My question is, is that theory dated?  Would Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake or any other Justin du jour work as well? Whose name in a blog title would make you click…

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An Easter egg answer

I promised the answer to the fledekan disease.  It’s what turns my aliens into zombies in my WIP “Oompa Loompa Zombies and the Star Princess.”  Easter eggs are a form of inside jokes.  I’ve seen them on TV series, and I’m having a lot of fun planting them in OLZSP. <Drum roll> Fledekan is Naked…

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The movies we love to watch over and over and over

While flipping channels last night I ran across “The Blues Brothers.”  The last twenty minutes.  Did I keep on clicking?  No, sir, it’s one of those movies I can’t walk away from. It’s one of the movies we love to watch over and over and over. There’s something about it—the music, the car chase, the…

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