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Organizing your paperwork—Are you a filer or a piler?

Organizing your paperwork is a timeless conundrum. No matter how much we throw away, tomorrow always brings new paperwork. I hang my head and confess the truth about my organizing system. Organizing your paperwork-Are you a filer or a piler? How do you organize your paperwork? Are you Johnny-on-the-spot, right-into-the-filing-drawer with all your paperwork? I…

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I am in tune with the universe—a Schwarzkopf coincidence

How often does this happen to you? You read about a person, often obscure, such as Norman Schwarzkopf Sr. ,the lead investigator in the Lindbergh kidnapping and father of General Norman Schwarzkopf Jr. (I was following a Yahoo link about the Lindberg kidnapping). Within an hour, while linking to a fellow blogger in @RaimeyGallant’s #NaNoHop,…

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        Too many people are shallow, narcissistic, and uncaring how their actions affect others. Have a little compassion. Be supportive. Make a difference in the good things you do. Let’s not be known as “that person”. Reblogging from Whitney Dineen’s blog   I’ve recently stumbled into a bit of controversy in…

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