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Tragic news once again reminds us of what is important #TT

#ThrowbackThursday and more tragic news Sadly, the tragic news from Las Vegas is the latest in a long string of atrocities we’ve witnessed. In this post from 12-19-12, I reflect on where I was and what I was doing. Tragedy after tragedy reminds us of what is important The tragic news from Sandy Hook Elementary…

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My Favorite Movies

 My Favorite Movies As a departure from my usual writing advice (yeah, I know, I get a little too anal with sharing what I know), I thought I’d share my favorite movies instead. This subject came about last night as I realized my priorities have changed, and my #1 movie has slipped to #2. Drumroll,…

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“Rabbit, Rabbit” and Other Good Luck Rituals

What’s your good luck ritual? Today is September 1st, and I remembered to say “rabbit, rabbit,” the very first thing when I woke. It’s one of the good luck rituals I know will bring me good luck the rest of the month. Per English tradition, repeating the words “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit”, “white rabbit” or any…

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