Tragic news from Las Vegas makes us reflect on what is important. #ThrowbackThursday

#ThrowbackThursday and more tragic news

Tragic news from Las Vegas makes us reflect on what is important. #ThrowbackThursday

Sadly, the tragic news from Las Vegas is the latest in a long string of atrocities we’ve witnessed. In this post from 12-19-12, I reflect on where I was and what I was doing.

It’s sad that we need a tragedy to remind of us of what is important – our families.Click To Tweet

Tragedy after tragedy reminds us of what is important

The tragic news from Sandy Hook Elementary has galvanized the nation in support of dozens of grieving families. Blame will be cast and speeches made, urging reforms on gun ownership and mental health treatments. We can only speculate on whether our government takes action on any promises.  It’s easy to talk when tragedy overcomes our nation.

I’m at an age that I can look back at several tragedies in American history.

November 22, 1963

A Friday. School officials let us out early. Only after we arrived home did we learn an assassin had taken the life of our president, JFK. Before the birth of CNN and FoxNew and a hundred other cable stations, we had three local stations. All weekend, our family was glued to the television, watching NBC’s coverage of the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. I was eight years old.

January 28, 1986

I watched in horror and a sick fascination as the images of the Challenger exploded over and over and over again as we tried to make sense of a senseless act. We watched the launch because of the novelty of having a teacher on board. If not for this anomaly, coverage probably wouldn’t have taken place.

I was home on maternity leave. My daughter was six days old.

October 14-16, 1987

The nation was glued to the developing story of Jessica McClure, an eighteen-month old girl who fell down a well. It took rescuers fifty-eight hours to pull her out alive. I was six-months pregnant with my son.

September 11, 2001

A man I worked with received a call from his wife, and he informed us of the hit on the first tower. We listened in horror on the radio as the plane flew into the second tower. I heard Jim Miklaszewski report live from the Pentagon as the third plane slammed into it. Someone turned on the television in the cafeteria, and we watched as both towers collapsed. Numb, the events too surreal to comprehend, we tried to stay focused on work. I was to attend a five-year anniversary dinner for my investment club that night. Instead, I spent the afternoon scrambling for emails and phone numbers (this was before yahoo groups) to tell the members the easiest decision I’d ever had to make: Go home to your families.

Columbine, Waco, Oklahoma City and now Newtown, CT. The names run together in a sea of senselessness and grief.

Your character’s angst isn’t important. Deadlines can wait. Forget the little things that keep you apart from the ones you love.

Pick up the phone, email a note, Skype, do whatever it takes to breach that gulf between you and estranged family.Click To Tweet Hug them, hold them, show them how much you love them. Do you want to go to bed tomorrow, feeling guilty, with their names on a list circulating the globe?

Hug your family today. Never forget what is truly important.

2017 Cheryl returning.

Don’t let the news of last week’s tragic news stop you from mending fences with loved ones. Life is too precious, as we’ve learned over and over.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of the latest victims of senseless violence. Let us hope the Las Vegas/Mandalay Bay tragic news is the last we see and hear.

Blessings to you,













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#1 on the list of my favorite movies is Some Like It Hot

 My Favorite Movies

As a departure from my usual writing advice (yeah, I know, I get a little too anal with sharing what I know), I thought I’d share my favorite movies instead. This subject came about last night as I realized my priorities have changed, and my #1 movie has slipped to #2.

Drumroll, please

5. The Blues Brothers (1980)

#5 on the list of my favorite movies is The Blues Brothers

Jake Blues, released from prison, teams up with his brother Elwood to reunite their old band to raise money for the Catholic orphanage that raised them.

Dan Ackroyd and Jim Belushi at their best. The music is great and stars musical guests James Brown, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, and Cab Caloway. (side note: we went to a Blues Brothers tribute concert the summer before we left Michigan for Hawaii. It was awesome).

The movie holds the record for the most cars destroyed in a movie (103) and the car chase takes up a good portion of the last part.

Good music, frolicking, and a car chase!

I wrote more about it here.

4. The Princess Bride (1987)

#4 on my list of favorite movies is the Princess Bride

A poor farm boy falls in love with the farmer’s daughter, Buttercup, but is presumed killed by pirates after he leaves to find his fortune. Prince Humperdinck betroths her, but she is kidnapped before the wedding.

Fencing. Fighting. Torture. Poison. True love. Hate. Revenge. Giants. Hunters. Bad men. Good men. Beautifulest ladies. Snakes. Spiders. Beasts of all natures and descriptions. Pain. Death. Brave men. Coward men. Strongest men. Chases. Escapes. Lies. Truth. Passion. Miracles.

A great cast, tight writing, and excellent direction stop this from being a cartoon and turns it into a classic. I can quote so many lines from the movie.

A smidge better than the book.

“Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

3. Casablanca (1942)

#3 on my list of favorite movies is Casablanca

A disillusioned American living in Casablanca meets an old lover and must decide between his own happiness and the greater good.

The first of my movies set in the 1940’s. When Rick (Humphrey Bogart) meets an old lover, Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman), a tale of true cinema love begins. As the war rages in Europe, refugees visit Rick’s Cafe to obtain letters of transport, but he only has two. Will he use them himself or give them to Ilsa and her husband?

As this movie was filmed and distributed as WWII took place, the realism is poignant.

I especially liked the character played by Claude Rains, a captain with a gruff exterior and a heart of gold.

4. It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

#2 of my favorite movies is It's a Wonderful Life

A businessman gets to see the affect of his life on others when his guardian angel shows him what life would be like if he’d never been born.

My favorite actor, Jimmy Stewart, in his first role back after serving as a bomber commander in WWII. It’s the story of George Bailey, a dreamer, who wants nothing more than to escape the shackles of his hometown of Bedford Falls, but, through circumstances, is forced to remain. As trouble touches him, he wishes he’d never been born, a wish his guardian angel makes come true.

This story touches so many points—the wish for something different, obligations, true friends, the love and continuity of family. Every time I watch it, I notice one more detail I’ve not seen before. Traditionally a Christmas TV offering, it can be viewed any time of the year.

5. Some Like It Hot (1959)

Two musicians witness a mob murder and flee for their lives. They join an all girls band, disguised as women, and mayhem ensues.

What’s not to like about this movie? It has heartthrob Tony Curtis, alternately posing as a woman and a Shell Oil heir (complete with Cary Grant accent); Marilyn Monroe as a poor but sexy musician; comedian Jack Lemmon, also disguised as a woman and falling in love with a man; classic George Raft doing what he does best—playing a gangster; murder; mayhem; music; exotic locales; and the irascible Joe E. Brown and his famous last line in the movie.

It’s funny, it’s poignant, and it holds up well after almost sixty years. So well, that Nia Vardolos copied the premise in Connie and Carla. If you get a chance, download or purchase either of these two, but give preference to Some Like It Hot. Comedy at its best.

Do you agree with my favorite movies? What’s yours? Tell me about it (or them) in the comments.



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Weird good luck rituals include repeating the words "rabbit, rabbit, rabbit", "white rabbit" or any variation out loud upon waking on the first morning of a new month will ensure good luck for the rest of the month.

What’s your good luck ritual?

Today is September 1st, and I remembered to say “rabbit, rabbit,” the very first thing when I woke. It’s one of the good luck rituals I know will bring me good luck the rest of the month.

Weird good luck rituals include repeating the words "rabbit, rabbit, rabbit", "white rabbit" or any variation out loud upon waking on the first morning of a new month will ensure good luck for the rest of the month.Per English tradition, repeating the words “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit”, “white rabbit” or any variation out loud upon waking on the first morning of a new month will ensure good luck for the rest of the month.

How did I pick up this strange tradition? I read it in a book when I was younger. I know of only one other person who is familiar with this good luck ritual.


Railroad good luck rituals

Counting the cars in a train is an old good luck ritual. The total cars will equal the number of years you'll live.When my children were younger, they had two good luck rituals involving railroads.

  • When riding in a car, lift your feet off the floor while going over a railroad track.
  • If you count railroad cars, the total will equal how many years you’ll live. Obviously, you only want to count the really long trains.



Cemetery good luck rituals

One good luck ritual is to hold your breath while driving in a car past a cemetery.When in a car, hold your breath while passing a cemetery to avoid the spirits entering your body. I disagree with this one as I grew up living across the street from a cemetery. It was a quiet neighborhood.

Counting cars in the funeral procession—the number of cars equals the days left until your own death. Best stick to counting train cars, eh?



Salt superstitions

Good luck rituals include tossing a pinch of spilled salt over your left shoulder to ward off the devil.If you accidentally spill salt, one good luck ritual includes tossing a pinch of spilled salt over your left shoulder to ward off the devil. The devil evidently hovers behind you to the left and a salt shot in the eye will send him away.

The superstition traces back to the time of the Last Supper. Judas Iscariot spilled salt on the table, and we all know the bad luck that caused.


Ladybug superstitions

  • Finding a ladybug is a sign of good luck. Killing one is bad luck.
  • The number of dots on the back of a ladybug equals the number of years of good luck you will have.
  • A ladybug landing on your hand indicates good weather is near.Having a ladybug land on you is a sign of good luck.


Other good luck rituals

  • A horseshoe nailed over your front door will bring good luck, but only if it’s open side up. If it’s open side down, your luck will run out.
  • When eating any fowl, save the breast wishbone. When it dries, with a friend, each of you pull on one end of the wishbone. The one who gets the bigger piece will have good luck.


These are some of the weird good luck rituals I learned growing up. Do you have a different ritual or belief in your family or culture? Leave them in the comments below.

Blessings to you,


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