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Miniature Staircases and Creating a Social Media Presence—This Week’s Cool LInks

From Miniature Staircases to Creating a Social Media Presence, Here’s This Week’s Cool Links: Wonder at these miniature staircases I imagine myself ascending one of these staircases to go to my own private library. Or, having watched portions of Gone With The Wind lately, seeing Rhett Butler carry Scarlett O’Hara up one. If you’re intrigued…

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Shadows and Water This Week’s Cool Links

This week’s cool links are nature centric: Shadows and Water Shadows and Water, two of nature’s cool subjects are highlighted in this week’s Cool Links blog post. Oh, and I have some writing advice as well, brought to you by the amazingly talented and world class knowledge sharer, Joanna Penn. Shadows on the Wall Remember…

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Dresses Made from Books and Other Cool Links

This week’s cool links include fabulous dresses made from books (oooh, I want one), why you need a budget if you’re a self-published writer (I have no idea where my money goes), how to balance parenting and writing (my first writing desk was next to the furnace. My kids wrote RedRum in the concrete wall…

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