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Cool Links 9-8-18

Cool Links 9-8-18 Cool links 9-8-18 edition looks at overue library books, odd things spillled on the road, paranormal travel destinations, and the Wizard of Oz. Oops, forgot about that There are two reasons I hesitate going to the library: I’ll bring home a mountain of books, my writing will grind to a halt, and…

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Cool Links 8-25-18

Cool links 8-25-18 Cool links 8-25-18 range from cookies to chocolate and a couple of places in between. Chocolate Spill Oh, to be behind this truck when it rolled into a ditch! A semi-trailer, hauling 40,000 pounds of Hershey products overturned recently and lost part of its load. I know from experience any food spilled…

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Cool Links 8-18-18 Driverless Cars, Lunch Ladies, and Haunted Towns

Cool Links 8-18-18 Cool links 8-18-18 is brought to you by driverless grocery deliveries, larcenous lunch ladies, and a haunted town in Ohio. I have seen the future, and it is here I live exactly 300 steps behind the nearest grocery store. It’s called Fry’s and is part of the Kroger chain. Most grocery stores…

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