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Cool links 8-11-2018

Cool Links 8-11-2018

This week’s cool links 8-11-2018 are brought to you by:

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Writing in the margins

My mother and daughter always write a dedication whenever gift giving a book. In the case of my mother, it was the date or occasion. My daughter leaves funny quotes or draws an image.

Cool links 8-11-2018

I’m always fascinated when I by a used book and find writing, either on the title page or in the margins. Sometimes, someone will leave a photo or receipt. In the case of the photo, I want to post it on Facebook and have it go viral so I can return Scott’s 1974 prom photo to him. Or Sarah’s toothless seven-year-old camp photo. But I don’t, and always feel a little dirty when I throw away the item.

Here are some interesting notes people have left in found books. Everyone has an opinion.

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Cool Links 8-4-18

Cool Links 8-4-18 edition. Some of the fun stuff I’ve found on the internet this week.

The Human Library

Cool links 8-4-18

The Human Library

I don’t think Ben Franklin had this in mind when he started our nation’s library system, but why not?

The Human Library Organization held its first event in Copenhagen in 2000. Library “patrons” get to check out human “books”, which are people with different experiences. Through questions and discussions, patrons learn about the diversity that is humanity. For example, you might “check out” a person who is, or has:

Young offender
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Young black male
Wheelchair user
Down syndrome
Cerebral palsy
Recovering alcoholic
Teenage mother
Ex-substance misuser
HIV positive
Learning disability
Borderline personality disorder
Facial disfigurement 

The Human Library Project aims to challenge prejudices and sterotypes. Since its inception, it has spread to 70 countries. Why not check out a new “book” and enrich your perceptions about humanity?

Famous Landmarks During Construction

One of the things I remember most from Jack Finney’s novel Time and Again (hailed as “THE great time-travel story” by Stephen King) is that it took place in 1882 and the Statue of Liberty’s arm had been plunked down in a NYC park.

In this article, you can take a look at other famous landmarks before they were completed. The Eiffel Tower, Hoover Dam (a day trip for me), the Sydney Harbor bridge, and many others are chronicled.

Cool Links 8-4-18

Hoover Dam construction

If you’re a history buff like me, photos of construction of Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio and the Golden Gate Bridge will fascinate you. And maybe spawn a story idea?

Book Folding

It wouldn’t be a cool links post without at least one writing/book link. This week’s gem is on book folding—the intricate art of folding book pages to spell out a word or design.

Cool links 8-4-18

Book Folding

If you have a book lover on your gift list, and you’re looking for the ultimate gift, here’s the place to shop.

If you don’t want to shell out cold, hard cash, go here for a tutorial to DIY.

That’s it for this week’s cool links 8-4-18 edition. As always, feel free to share, sign up for my newsletter, or sign up to get new blog posts in your mailbox. Use the appropriate boxes and icons scattered here and there to do so.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to order the sequel to Time and Again,— From Time to Time. Don’t you hate it when a book comes out and you don’t know about it until later?

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pool float cool links for 7-14-2018

Cool Links for 7-14-2018

Here are a few cool links for 7-14-18

Summer is here, and the living is easy.

I grew up in Michigan, where we spent summer weekends at “the lake”. It didn’t matter if “the lake” was nearby Lake Michigan or one of the state’s 100,000 inland lakes. “The Lake” brought cool summer breezes and hours of entertainment.

If you have a place on a body of water, or even if you own a pool, you might be interested in purchasing one of these aquatic pool floats.


The resolution is not clear, but if you look closely, there are people riding on the backs of these floats.

Some of the floats come equipped with cup holders and a built-in cooler and will accomodate up to six people.

To purchase one of these beauties, head over to your closest Sam’s Club.

What happens during your lifetime

This video illustrates how much time you spend on various activities during your lifetime. Some examples include:

150,000,000 steps taken

42,000 words learned

16 years spent on the computer

13 years spent on your phone

To find out how many hours you spend (or waste!) on mundane things, please visit this site.

Summer activities for kids

Summer hours are challenging if you have kids out of school. If you’re looking for a quick, easy, free activity for them, check out these printable big monster coloring pages. With a printer and a handful of crayons, your kids will be occupied for hours.

Monster coloring pages. Cool links for 7-14-2018

Easy garden markers

If you’ve put in a garden this year, rain and sun might have faded your row markers. Replace them with painted stones. A few varied acrylic paints, a handful of stones found anywhere and clear varnish added to a minimum amount of time and a sprinkle of artist talent = the perfect garden marker. Heck, this could even be another activity for your kids!

How to Make Garden Markers by Painting Stones

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