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Cool Links 10-20-18 Librarians, Jack-O’-Lanterns, Toy Train Tracks

Cool libraries, wild Jack -O’-Lanterns, and toy train tracks are among the cool links 10-20-18 edition. 20 Incredibly Creative Ways Librarians Spread the Magic of Reading Librarians are the backbone of our library system (one might say the spine). To encourage kids (and adults) to read, they’ve put on some awesome displays and events. Stuffed…

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Cool Links 9-8-18

Cool Links 9-8-18 Cool links 9-8-18 edition looks at overue library books, odd things spillled on the road, paranormal travel destinations, and the Wizard of Oz. Oops, forgot about that There are two reasons I hesitate going to the library: I’ll bring home a mountain of books, my writing will grind to a halt, and…

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Cool Links 8-25-18

Cool links 8-25-18 Cool links 8-25-18 range from cookies to chocolate and a couple of places in between. Chocolate Spill Oh, to be behind this truck when it rolled into a ditch! A semi-trailer, hauling 40,000 pounds of Hershey products overturned recently and lost part of its load. I know from experience any food spilled…

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