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Dead Witch Walking, A witch just trying to make a living

Dead Witch Walking book reviewDead Witch Walking is the first of thirteen books in The Hollows series, written by Kim Harrison.


This series has been under my radar, and I regret the omission. After the huge bubble of vampire books in the first part of the century (including mine, Tall, Dark and Slayer), I’ve not read many books featuring non-humans. But, I’ve started reading some urban fantasies again, and the genre intrigues me.

The protagonist Rachel Morgan, a witch, is fed up with her job policing truant non-humans for Indeland Security (I.S.) Lately, all she’s pulled as her job as a runner are crap jobs and more misery from her boss. When an unexpected wish lands in her lap, she quits. A pixy, Jenks, and a non-dead vampire, Ivy Tamwood, join her to form their own agency.

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