#AtoZChallenge, the letter “D” is for Draft2Digital

For today’s #AtoZChallenge, the letter “D” is for Draft2Digital.

#AtoZChallenge is a blogging challenge that takes place in April (except on Sundays). Participants blog every day around a theme of their choosing, in alphabetical order. Throughout the month of April, I’ll share tips, links, and insights I’ve learned in my writing career.


Draft2Digital is a viable means of distributing your ebook

Draft2Digital is a viable means of distributing your ebook

The letter “D” is for Draft2Digital, a distributor of ebooks

If you’re self-publishing and “going wide” (not limiting yourself to Amazon), then Draft2Digital might be an option for you. If you want your book(s) available through Barnes & Noble, Kobo, itunes, etc. but do not want to spend a lot of time formatting your book per their guidelines, Draft2Digital might be an option for you.

First, THERE IS NO UPFRONT COST. Your only cost comes at the back end—when a book sells. They take 30%, leaving a nice 70% for you. They pay once a month but do hold monies until certain threshholds are reached ($25 for checks, $10 for international direct deposit, and $0 for all other digital payments).

No formatting necessary

No tricky formatting is necessary. Simply upload in a .doc, .docx or epub format, and they’ll convert it into an ebook. They can also create a paperback version. Once uploaded, they’ll distribute your ebook to the following channels:

  • iBooks
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Kobo
  • Inktera (formally Page Foundry)
  • Scribd
  • 24Symbols
  • Tolino

You’ll receive an email when each of the versions is released (usually within a day or two).

An additional feature is to tie all of your books together, so buyers of one book will be notified when another book is published. We all love repeat buyers!

How does Draft2Digital compare to Smashwords?

Draft2Digital and Smashwords are very similar. Draft2Digital does the formatting for you, but Smashwords has a bigger presence and reputation.

I’ve used Draft2Digital for about a year. My sales have been sketchy at best. For my latest release, Snow White and the Eighth Dwarf, I’ve switched over to Smashwords. As I haven’t had sufficient time to build many sales, Smashwords is in a trial phase. I’ll have to let you know in a few months.

Is Draft2Digital worth it?

If you want to “go wide” with distribution and don’t want to monkey with formatting, Draft2Digital is a viable option. It’s easy to navigate, it distributes to the big players, and it’s the new kid on the block and growing.

Tomorrow is “E” day in my AtoZChallenge

I’ll be talking about the importance of email lists.

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