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Steimel_CherylCheryl Sterling is an American author of several paranormal and contemporary romance novels and short stories. Her first novel, What Do You Say to a Naked Elf?, was a finalist in the TARA contest and was later sold to Leisure Books, an imprint of Dorchester Publishing.

Cheryl is a co-founder and past president of Grand Rapids Region Writers Group in Grand Rapids, MI. She has conducted several workshops that focused on the writing craft and co-chaired their first “I’ve Always Wanted to Write a Book” regional conference.

Cheryl founded and is a contributing on-line member of Kona Writers Group in Kailua Kona, Hi.

She is a member of West Valley Writers Workshop and Writer’s Round Table Phoenix.

In her spare time (she’s retired, so there’s that, but she writes a lot, so, never mind), she reads. All genres (except suspense and horror because she reserves the right to mess with reader’s minds). She loves history (lots of ideas to steal borrow), sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, regencies (who knew so many eligible Dukes were around?), anything Doctor Who, and/or quantum entanglement.

Her passion is learning and improving her craft, but mostly, she is a teacher.

Cheryl currently lives in Phoenix with her husband and their cat, Coco Xena.



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