*5 Quotes from Mr. Right, Mr. Wrong, Mr. Alien*

Mr. Right, Mr. Wrong, Mr. Alien

Mr. Right, Mr. Wrong, Mr. Alien has been available for purchase since April 2016. It was meant to be a stand-alone short story. But, as all writers do, I started playing the “what if” game. What if Dax and Sage’s story wasn’t the only one to be told? What if Dax’s commander, Jakes Echabarne, had his own story? Who would be the perfect companion for him?

The Slakerians used an Earth-based internet dating site to find humans willing, if not eager, to explore another planet and take part in settling it. Who better to butt heads with Jakes than the CEO of the dating site, Vivi Soria?

So, I started to write their story, The Alien and the CEO. And, as any writer will tell you, the characters had a mind of their own. The only way for Jakes and Vivi to meet is if something happened with the software the Slakerians needed.

I saw Jakes as a straight shooter, a kind of John Walton (I used Ralph Waite as his avatar). He wouldn’t deceive Vivi into boarding The Baldain. But what if someone else was behind the deception?

Her story will be book #4, but in the meantime, the casual mention of Lt. Paul Landaeta of The Baldain sparked another story, The Alien and the Girl in the Rain. The timeline of Paul and Natalie Cardellini’s story had to take place before Jake and Vivi’s. What to do?

I wrote both. They will be released as separate stories next week. I’ll post when and how you can purchase them. In the meantime, enjoy quotes from Mr. Right, Mr. Wrong, Mr. Alien.

An excerpt can be read here.

It’s available on Amazon here.

It’s available on Nook, Kobo, ibooks and other sites through this link.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you do purchase it, please consider leaving a review.



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